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***Newsflash (12/31/06): The Official DVD set for Season 5 comes out on March 6, 2007!!! ***
***Newsflash (12/31/06):
The Official DVD's for Season 4 are here!***
***Newsflash (8/12/06):
The Official DVD's for Season 3 are here!***
***Newsflash (6/3/05):
The Official DVD's for Seasons 1 & 2 are here!!! ***

Let me know if you find stuff missing from the official dvd's such as teasers or trailers - I think there are two teasers missing from the season 4 dvd's (Cool Hand Dave and something else...) that someone sent me an email about. I haven't had a chance to check the dvd's... I've definitely got the Cool Hand Dave teaser on my Lifetime tape copy.

Many, many thanks to the Moonlighting DVD Campaign, especially Diane, to everyone who signed the petition, to Brian for running the big site, to Amy for being supercool, and to Lions Gate, Bruce and Cybill .

Anyway, to go to a comprehensive Moonlighting site (not maintained by me), visit Moonlighting on the Web. This site has lots of Moonlighting info, pictures, and has links to episode summaries. Other cool Moonlighting pages: The Moonlighting Reunion Campaign, and .

As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail me.
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Updated 1/5/07

# Season Episode Title Master/Someone Else's Source
8 2 The Lady in the Iron Mask (with correct scoring/background music) DVD-R. Someone was nice enough to take the prisitine video from the official dvds and sync that with the audio from an ABC VHS copy. The audio scoring that's on the official dvds contains the wrong background music for the enitre episode. ABC (audio only) / Official DVDs (video only)
-- extras Moonlighting music video, 1987?- 5 minutes 2nd generation VH1
-- extras Cybill Shepherd interview on Barbara Walters, 1985 - 15-20 minutes Master (beginning of interview is cut) ABC
-- extras Bruce Willis on Bravo Profiles, 2000 - 15-20 minutes Master (beginning is cut; I only taped the beginning, Moonlighting-related portion of the hour-long show) Bravo
-- extras Entertainment Tonight - 5 min clip on release of Pilot video, 2000 Master syndication
-- extras Entertainment Tonight - hour-long special on the secrets behind ML, 2000 2nd generation (some tape jumps/tracking problems) syndication
-- extras ML teaser, from Yours Very Deadly rerun, regarding a guy who is going to read from the script of the new episode involving Dave, Maddie and Sam 2nd generation ABC
-- extras Trailer (clip montage) used as teaser for Twas the Episode Before Christmas (missing from official DVDs) Master Lifetime
-- extras Trailer (clip montage) for Every Daughter's Father is a Virgin (missing from official DVD's) Master Lifetime
-- extras Trailer for Cool Hand Dave (apparently missing from official dvd's) Master Lifetime




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