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(Updated 3/26/07) Stuff I've recently added is marked with ***. Anything listed without a set list is something I haven't had a chance to listen to yet. Shows I attended are marked with . I've been super lazy about updating this... I've gotten a few more Patty cds that I haven't listed here yet, so if you're interested in whatever else is lying around my apartment, email me for a list. I also eventually plan to transfer my cassettes and MD's to cd...

Photos from The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA, 3/13/07 Photos by Lisa Ridlon.

Photos from Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA, 2/13/07 Photos by Lisa Ridlon.

It pays to flirt with the drummer


World Cafe Tongue and Groove 3/21/97 and Portsmouth NH 3/2/97: (second generation-cassette) quality: world cafe is very good, NH sounds a little bit farther away, but still very clear. 90 min. World Cafe: acoustic - interview and every little bit, cain, poor man's house, sweet lorraine, crazy (patsy cline cover) Portsmouth: acoustic - sweet lorraine, mad mission, every little bit, not alone (with someone else - maybe Shawn Colvin??), we are water

Ann Arbor, MI 2/25/98: (second generation-cassette) quality: very good, acoustic show, 75 min. Flaming red, poor man's house, sweet lorraine, mama song, change, mad mission, tony, cain, nobody's crying, wiggly fingers, moses, every little bit, go now, forgiveness, mary

Live at the Warfield, San Francisco, CA 6/12/99: (master-cassette) quality: good, although you have to listen to me requesting Moses...w/band 45 min. Change, Wiggly Fingers, Go Now, Flaming Red, Blue Sky, Goodbye, Breaking Up Somebody's home, Tony, Mary

Slim's, San Francisco CA 6/14/00 : (master-cassette) good/very good, 110min, w/band. carry me, perfect white girls, tony, flaming red, drivin', boston, top of the world, racing in the streets (solo), poor man's house (solo), forgiveness (solo), one more girl (solo), little god, change, blue sky, makin' pies, truth #2, moses (w/ Natalie from the Dixie Chicks), mary, silver bell, tomorrow night (solo)

Los Angeles, CA 5/30/02 at the Troubadour : (master-cassette) very good, 90 min, w/band. Chief, rain, long ride home, makin' pies, be careful, flaming red, poor man's house (solo), top of the world, truth #2, ruby's arms, mad mission, mil besos, let him fly, tomorrow night, sweet lorraine, mary

Los Angeles, CA 10/15/2002, John Anson Ford Amphitheatre (outside) : (master-cassette)

Los Angeles, CA, 06/17/2004, John Anson Ford Amphitheatre (outside) : (2CDs audio or 1CD FLAC) Taper: Lisa071573, Seat: approx 20th row, left side. Source: SP-SPSM-1 > SP-SPSB-6 (rolloff @ 107hz) > Sharp MD-MT180 (SP). Transfer: Sharp MD-MT180 > analog Line out > Line in > CoolEdit2000/Pro (wavs, amplification, equalization) > CDWave (wav splitter) > FLAC Frontend > FLAC. Notes: I did my best to master the show evenly and amplify the softer songs and Patty's talking, but I didn't amplify the applause, so occasionally you'll notice a slight volume change before and after applause. Some of the amplification resulted in a slight hiss (most noticeably present on the songs on piano). Also, some clipping present during the applause. Oh, and I apologize for my audible laughter and occasional whoop :P *beginning of Truth #2 cut at disc swap. **end of Florida interrupted by Patty's dog coming on stage DISC ONE: 01. Standing / 02. Love Throw A Line / 03. Makin' Pies / 04. Chief / 05. Blue Sky / 06. Icicles / 07. Kite Song / 08. Mother of God / 09. Forgiveness / 10. Flaming Red / 11. Long Ride Home / 12. Top of the World / 13. Useless Desires / 14. Go Now / 15. Perfect White Girls / DISC TWO: 01. Truth #2* / 02. Mil Besos / 03. Band intro / 04. When It Don't Come Easy / -encore- / 05. Florida** / 06. Mad Mission / 07. Sweet Lorraine

XM Radio, The Loft, Washington, DC, 2/1/2007: (1cd audio or flac)

Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA 2/13/2007 : still on MD, waiting to be transferred

The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA 3/13/2007 : still on MD, waiting to be transferred

Silver Bell (unreleased): (cd) excellent, 63 min. Little God, Boston, Perfect White Girls, Truth #2, What you are, Silver Bell, driving, sooner or later, top of the world, sorry and sad, makin' pies, mother of god, one more girl, standing. NOTE: I recently realized that the copy of Silver Bell I had on my desktop had a glitch near the end of Little God. If you want a glitch-free copy of Little God, email me. Sorry about that!

Ann Arbor MI, 99 or 00
The Turning Point, 5/14/97
Eli Whitney Barn, 5/23/97 w/ Ellis Paul
Love From My Lips (3 cd collection)
Live at the Birchmere, 4/21/99 (1cd)
The Ark/Calvin College, MI, 4/12/00 and 4/14/00(2 cds)
Luna Park, Hollywood, 6/27/97 (1 cd)
Soundtrack and Live songs (1 cd)


Craig Kilborn, 6/99: (master) quality: excellent, 5 min. Blue Sky (acoustic)
David Letterman, 7/19/99:
(master) quality: excellent, 5 min. Blue Sky (electric)
Sessions at W. 54th St, aired 2/13/00:
(master) quality: excellent, 30 min w/ band. mary, flaming red, silver bell, carry me, peter pan
Austin City Limits w/ Dave Matthews, EmmyLou Harris, etc. 5/00 - not complete:
(master) quality: excellent, 45min. I missed the beginning and came in halfway thru Patty doing Top of the World... I taped the rest but haven't watched it to finish doing the setlist. I may have gotten this on dvd from someone though...

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