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For the latest version of my SB calendar (in excel format), go to my DVD Log and look for the link to download the latest version. I've spent many years working on the calendar with the help of other SB fans. It gives fans an accurate listing of the episode numbers and their corresponding airdates.

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This page is basically my SB info page. Below you can find some links to other SB sites, related sites, info on the audio tapes I have, and info on nice/mean folks in the SB online community. For my SB tape/dvd collection list, go to my tape log page.

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Photos taken by Lisa Ridlon, copyright 2007 (Click on the photos to see a larger-sized image)

SB Logo stolen from Jim's Santa Barbara page - a great page full of info on the show and how to contact networks to bring SB back, plus a bunch of links
Eddie's Classic SB Videos - Eddie has good quality SB videos
Nicolas' French site -
Le Site Francais
Nicolas' Video Clips!
Arina's SB Videos Page - Watch full episodes of SB online!
California Clan website
WoST - World of Soap Themes.
Barbarian TV - a cool, new SB site
Return to Santa Barbara - a new fanfic!
Rick Rhodes' site (He was music composer/director for SB and was a great guy. Rick recently died as a result of an ongoing battle with brain cancer. )
Dominic Messenger's site (also a music composer for SB)
Joe Harnell's site (Joe wrote the main SB theme. He passed away in 2005, but you can purchase some of Joe's cds here, including "Joe Harnell Plays Solo Piano" which contains a solo piano version of the SB theme.)
Kingsmen Shakespeare Company (what Lane Davies and Rick Rhodes worked on together)
Lane Davies' site. Lane's website has clips of SB titled The Mason Chronicles.
My Lane Davies Playhouse - a great Lane fan site, has archived scans of SB articles from SOD/SOW
Mason and Julia Forever - a great M&J site, run by Tracy
Nancy Lee Grahn's website
A Martinez's website - you can buy a copy of A's cd Fragrance & Thorn
Judith McConnell fansite
Harley Jane Kozak's website - Harley has a new mystery novel, Dead Ex. It's a sequel to the wonderful Dating is Murder and Dating Dead Men. Her books are funny, suspenseful, and I highly recommend them!
Jed Allan's new book is out! It's called "
Please, Spell the Name Right". I really enjoyed it! Check his publisher's page for details.
Click on any of the photos to see them larger.

My favorite pic of Marcy & A

Rick Rhodes autograph

Lane Davies autograph

Harley Jane Kozak autograph

Autographs from Rick Rhodes and Lane Davies. Rick and Lane were both super nice when my friend Mark and I met them at performance of A Christmas Carol.
Autographs from Harley Jane Kozak at
The Mystery Bookstore in LA. Harley appeared to promote her new book, Dating Dead Men.

Nancy Lee & Kate Grahn
Jed Allan autograph Louise Sorel autograph

Autograph from Nancy Lee Grahn at the GH fan event! Nancy and her daughter, Kate, both signed my old SB clipping.
Autograph from Jed Allan at Brentano's for his booksigning! He signed my SB clipping for me. Louise Sorel was also at Jed's signing and chatted with me and Mark for a while. Louise was kind enough t sign an SB collage for me - unfortunately I had no Augusta photos with me! Jed and Louise were both very sweet!

A's cd My signed book Harley reading from her new book

SB Fan Community Info
(you can email me as well for additional details on any of these people or for a list of MEAN people.)

My goal has always been to provide a safe and cooperative online community for all Santa Barbara fans.

I have dealt with a bunch of folks and not had any problems whatsoever. Here is a listing of some NICE Santa Barbara fans. (If we interacted and I have forgotten you here, e-mail me.)
Marie Kolich, US
Anna (trecktar_13), Australia
Mark Marchillo, US, capwellkid - Mark rocks

Robert Villa, US
Maria Svegare, Sweeden
Sarah Strake, US
Jocelyn Taylor, US
Paula Gensheimer, US
Steve Edwards, US
Eddie Dreuding, Canada
Nora, Canada
Damen K, US
Simon Worthington, UK
Carolyn Pierson, US - Carolyn is awesome
Kevin Hardy, Canada - Kevin is awesome
Robert P (CC Capwell), US - CC is cool
Tracy Davis, US - Tracy is terrific
Rosemary Odgers, Australia
Shannon, US (shannie172) - Shannon is way cool.
Nicolas Bibard, France - Nicolas is awesome.
SJ (Kristi), South Korea
Autumn Locke, US
RJ Davis, US
Ingrid, France - Ingrid is fantastic

Kimmah, US - practically perfect in every way!
Karen (Elena Capwell)
Mitch (mitchsand), US
Denis, Croatia
Katie W., US
Nora Viola, US, (primarily a Days fan but she's got a small SB collection. Her dates listed on her SB eps are off though... It looks like she has a next-day airing source, so her dates are usually off by one day.)
Brian Puckett,
WoST webmaster
Greg (juniorZ12), author of
Melissa, webmaster of
Judith McConnell's fansite
Gary (bankboy18), US

It's always nice when describing your collection to tell the other person the video quality of what you have. Check out my
tape log page to see some of the tapes/dvd's in my collection. Also, feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about other people in the SB online community.

I also suggest becoming a member of the SB discussion list.
SB discussion list:
Get SB on TV! discussion list (primarily for info/help on bringing SB to US air):

My Audio CD Collection
The Puppytracks Tapes (1 CD):

Here is the track listing for the Puppytracks tapes, which I've converted to CD from my original cassettes. Click the images to see the cassette liners bigger.
(Puppytracks was a retailer that sold soap merchandise in the 80's.)

(* = instrumental)
SB Love Themes (copyright 1986): (this one just lists names after the songs and doesn't say who is singing)
I want to Live in Santa Barbara - Rick Rhodes, Vivian Rhodes, Joe Harnell [my note - sung by Rick Rhodes]
* - Dominic Messenger, Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks
Golden Gate
* - Dominic Messinger, Art Phillips
Miami Beach
* - Dominic Messinger, Pam Scheer
Salt Air
* - Dominic Messinger, Pam Scheer
Santa Barbara Theme (Dance Version)
* - Joe Harnell, Rick Rhodes, Dominic Messinger
Sweet and Simple - Dominic Messinger, Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks [my note - I don't know who is singing...this was Kelly's theme around the time she was with Nick in 85]
Change Up / Change of Pace Melody
* - James Dunre (sic), Dominic Messinger
Action Jackson
* - Dominic Messinger
* - Dominic Messinger, Pam Scheer
Mrs. Capwell's Cookies - Dominic Messinger
Santa Barbara Love Themes Vol. II (copyright 1988)
I Want to Live in Santa Barbara (Part II) - Rick Rhodes, Vivian Rhodes, Joe Harnell; sung by Rick Rhodes
Remember When
* - Dominic Messinger
Mountain Man
* - Dominic Messinger
All Alone - Rick Rhodes, Gary Griffin, Dominic Messinger; sung by Chris Farren
Who Loves You - Liz Lachman; sung by Liz Lachman
The Miracle of Love - Rick Rhodes, Dominic Messinger, Marc Greene; sung by Darryl Phinnessee
Vivian's Eyes (Pamela's Love Theme)
* - Rick Rhodes, Marc Greene
Bad Boys
* - Dominic Messinger, Art Phillips
The Utah Suite
* - Dominic Messinger, Rick Rhodes
Together in Our Dreams - Dominic Messinger, Scott Scheer; sung by Shelby Flint
Happy Ending
* - Dominic Messinger

SB Music (1 CD) This is a random mix of 14 songs that Denis in Croatia sent me.
Little One (Chip), Don't Leave Love (E&C theme), Welcome to the Edge (Kelly/Craig/Robert theme), I'll be There (Shelter from the Storm) (E&C theme), Never Thought (M&J Theme), The Change in Me is You (E&C theme), My Favorite Year (CC&Sophia theme), Little Bit of Heaven (Turn out the Lights) (E&C theme), Miracle of Love (Xmas 88), Miracle of Love (alternate version), SB closing theme, Yours (M&J theme), Stars in Your Eyes (CC & Sophia theme), Don't Say Goodbye (song from the last episode)

Eden and Cruz Love Themes (3 CDs) Sent to me by Katie, a great collection of E&C songs.
Disc 1:
01. A Groovy Kind of Love / 02. All Alone / 03. All My Life / 04. Come See About Me / 05. Don't Leave Love / 06. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me / 07. I Love You / 08. If Ever You're in My Arms Again [Kelly & Joe theme] / 09. If I Believed / 10. Moonlight in Your Eyes / 11. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now / 12. Shelter from the Storm / 13. The Last Time I Felt Like This / 14. The Night Goes On / 15. Water Fountain / 16. Welcome to the Edge
Disc 2:
01. The Change In Me is You / 02. Everytime You Go Away / 03. Follow the Future / 04. The Greatest Love Affair [Kelly & Joe theme] / 05. Happy Endings / 06. Isn't She Lovely / 07. Just Once / 08. Little One / 09. My Funny Valentine / 10. Slave to Love / 11. So Much In Love / 12. Solid / 13. Take this Love / 14. The Dance / 15. Through It All / 16. Up Where We Belong
Disc 3: 01. Through the Fire / 02. Can you Read My Mind / 03. Your Song / 04. La Bamba / 05. Tonight I Celebrate My Love / 06. Bennie and the Jets / 07. Careless Whisper / 08. A Little Bit of Heaven / 09. Here We Are / 10. Vogue / 11. Time After Time / 12. I Believe in You And Me / 13. Amazing Grace

Additional songs I have: You are the love of my life, On this Enchanted Evening, I Believe in You and Me, Let's Give a Little More this Time

Copyright, 2007. Disclaimer: All collection lists are provided for informational purposes only to assist other fans.