Santa Barbara, Eden and Cruz's wedding location
Filmed at Stonepine Estate (aka Pebble Creek Inn)

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In September 2006, I and a few of my good SB buddies (Kimmah, French Bubbly, and Elena Capwell) decided to be really geeky and take an SB-themed trip down the coast of California. Here are the pics I took at Stonepine, one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever seen.

The vows were actually filmed in two places, which we didn't realize until after
we'd left and watched the wedding. In the above picture, left of the building
is a small staircase which leads to a small, open grassy area and that's where
all shots facing the wedding party/group were filmed (you can even see the
small staircase and this lawn behind the group during the vows).
All shots of Eden and Cruz facing the balcony were filmed here, which is actually to
the right and down below the main building (pictured on the left below).

Interior main living room. We decided that they must not have filmed anything
actually inside Stonepine. The actual interior is much too small and different than
the interior used on the show.
The actual interior staircase, which is close to, but not the same as the near-replica
they built.
Our last view of Stonepine on our way out... Big Sur, looking north, as we headed south down the Pacific Coast Highway on our
way to Santa Barbara.

All photos taken by Lisa Ridlon and copyright, 2007.