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Here is a preliminary list of episodes I want, either because I'm missing the episode completely, or because the copy I have is
incomplete, partial or imperfect. So far this is just
1985-early 1989... the stuff I need from late 1989 on is coming soon. Unless
it's an episode I'm missing completely, I'm looking for full episodes, preferably
with commercials.

Santa Barbara Episodes Lisa needs!   Updated 5/15/12


May 13, 1985 / ep 203 - I have in French only
Jade meets Christy, the assassin is dead after being thrown through the skylight at the party after a long struggle with Nick

May 16, 1985 / ep 206 - I have in French only
Nick rescues Brandon, Brandon taken to the hospital to have his stomach pumped, Julia pours a drink on Jack

May 17, 1985 / ep 207 - I have in French only
Santana and Lindsay meet at Mason's apartment, Nick brings Cruz a polaroid of Eden and gets a polaroid of Cruz to be delivered to Eden, Gina visits Brandon in the hospital

May 28, 1985 / ep 214 - I have in French only
Amy gives birth but Renfro kidnaps Johnny and tells Brick the baby died, Cruz tells Maggie and Eden of his plan to re-enact the murder

May 29, 1985 / ep 215 I have in French only
Amy is told the baby died, Gina learns she is pregnant & Mason confesses that he tricked her, a nurse tells Brick the baby was healthy

June 10, 1985 / ep 223 - I have in French only
Kelly & Nick go on a date, a reporter claiming to be a Vet comes to see Nick, Julia pretends she's spying on Mason for Jack Lee

June 18, 1985 / ep 229 - my ep inc, missing 3-4 mins; have full in French
Kelly & Nick in Renfro's trunk, get taken to a motel, Julia suspicious of Jack b/c he forgot the time she threw a glass at him

June 19, 1985 / ep 230 my ep incomplete (new copy received on tape)
Renfro tells Nick Kelly is dead, Amy tells Cruz she saw Kelly, Nick at a couple's barn, jumps down a well trying to escape the thugs

June 24, 1985 / ep 233 – my ep incomplete (new copy received on tape)
Augusta, Lionel & Frank in the fake Hearst castle, Nick & Kelly escape on motorcycle from Jack Lee after Kelly's memory is erased, C&E search for Kelly

June 25, 1985 / ep 234 (new copy received on tape)
Kelly & Nick stay at the couple's barn, Mary invites Christy to Theda's for her birthday, Nick & Kelly make it to the ghost town

June 26, 1985 / ep 235my ep incomplete (new copy received on tape)
Ted drives Christy to Theda's for her birthday, Nick & Kelly at the ghost town, Brick & Amy hold Renfro at gunpoint

June 27, 1985 / ep 236 (new copy received on tape)
Renfro tells Amy her baby is alive & well, Renfro shot, Brick & Amy escape, Steve shows up, Julia leaves w/ Jack for Vienna

June 28, 1985 / ep 237 (new copy received on tape)
Gina escapes from the sanitarium, Augusta throws Christy out, Kelly takes a bath, Gina takes Brandon

July 1, 1985 / ep 238my ep incomplete (new copy received on tape)
Nick brings Kelly a rabbit, Amy & Brick call Minx for money so they can go to Vienna, Mason finds Gina

July 2, 1985 / ep 239 (new copy received on tape)
Gina brings Brandon back, Mason takes Gina to a new clinic, Lionel declares he's impotent on tv

July 8, 1985 / ep 241 - my ep incomplete; have full in French
Kelly & Nick dress up in wedding clothes, Steve saves Christy from a guy who thinks she's a hooker, Julia gets Jack drunk and is sure he's a fake, Mason meets Mary

July 12, 1985 / ep 245I only have 2nd half in English; have full in French
Laken shaves off Ted's beard, Kelly's fever breaks, Ted refuses to go to Harvard, Julia realizes the real Jack is still alive, Brick fights with Ivan, Sophia tells CC she's going to plead guilty

Aug 27, 1985 / ep 277 (new copy received on tape)
Gina wakes up at the Lockridge house with a hangover, Steve almost hits Mary, Gina tells Mason Channing wasn't CC's son but Lionel's, Mason goes to the Capwell house and tells CC about Sophia hiding Pamela's letters from him

Aug 28, 1985 / ep 278 (new copy received on tape)
Sophia tells Gina CC is dying, CC cuts Mason & Gina out of the will and the company, Mason starts to tell CC Channing wasn't his son

Sept 2, 1985 / ep 281I have about 15 mins on dvd; have 32 mins in AVI format
CC collapses from a stroke and is taken to the hospital, Christy shoots Steve at end of episode

Sept 4, 1985 / ep 283 - have 28 mins in AVI format (getting new AVI with 28min Eng, 13 min Polish)
Jack looks for Cruz and Eden. Augusta visits Brandon and Santana. Nick and Cruz plan to marry Kelly and Eden one day. Ted has a nightmare. Lionel wants to learn more about Brandon since he is Lionel's grandson.

Sept 12, 1985 / ep 289 - (getting AVI Eng version)
Mary gets hired as CCs nurse. Cruz re-enacts on the crime scene with Christy and Ted to try to figure out what really happened, Mason calls home and talks to Mary and he asks her to meet her in the gazebo. Laken tells Ted it's time he tells the truth to her. Gina sees Mary with Mason's suitcase. Laken tells Ted it's over.

Nov 11, 1985 / ep 328 my ep incomplete (new copy received)
Eden wakes up at Kirk's, Lionel goes to tell Gina about CC, Cruz shows up at the Capwells & takes the cloth from the windowsill, Brick & Amy squabble after he returns home from his bachelor party slightly drunk

Nov 13, 1985 / ep 330 my ep incomplete (new copy received)
Gina switches the dresses, Brick and Amy's wedding, Dylan and Sam develop the photo of the map but later Carlo shows up, Cruz goes to Kirk's but Eden is gone, Cruz asks Eden if she did it

Nov 14, 1985 / ep 331I have clips only (new copy received)
Mark arrives, Brick & Amy's honeymoon, Mason tricks Mary into confirming she thought she saw Eden

Nov 20, 1985 / ep 335 I have clips only (new copy received)
The motorcycle riders reach the ghost town, Kirk shows Eden & Mason Pearl's statement, Mason tries to break it off with Gina but she thinks he's in love with her

Nov 21, 1985 / ep 336 - I have partial only (new copy received)
Carlo arrives at the ghost town and Kelly runs, Mother Isabel visits Mary, Mark gets drunk, Carlo tortures Dylan, Kelly agrees to give Carlo the map

Nov 25, 1985 / ep 338I have partial only
Kirk realizes his shoes are missing, Sophia & Augusta argue, Mason still upset with Mary, Brick's bank accounts are frozen, Brandon still staying with Lionel, Cruz questions Kirk about his footprint outside CC's window, Sophia plans to leave town, Kirk comes up with a cover story for the footprint

Nov 26, 1985 / ep 339 (new copy received)
Eden confirms Kirk's story about the footprint, Nick and Dylan argue, Gina returns from Paris, Kirk gives Eden an engagement ring

Nov 27, 1985 / ep 340 I have partial (new copy received)
Gina sets up Mason with the pretense of burning the will in order to get Mary to catch them together, Sophia tells Cruz she's leaving town, Janice has a photo shoot

Nov 29, 1985 / ep 341my ep slightly incomplete
Cruz proposes to Eden, Sophia drives Brandon to camp but discovers there is a fire, Mary finds Gina & Mason together, Kirk proposes to Eden and she accepts

Dec 5, 1985 / ep 345 - I have partial
Cruz races to stop Eden and Kirk from marrying, Kelly & Dylan leave for San Francisco, Lionel & Sophia kiss

Dec 9, 1985 / ep 347 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Kelly and Dylan get drunk & make love in the plane, Mason forces Gina to sign over custody of Brandon to him for Santana, Mason & Warren leave to look for Sophia & Lionel

Dec 10, 1985 / ep 348 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Mason & Warren find Lionel & Sophia, Robin Mattson's first day, Dylan tells Kelly he'll leave town, Mary tells Mason Gina's pills aren't addictive, Nick meets Kelly & Dylan in San Francisco

Dec 11, 1985 / ep 349 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Cruz calls Eden to the station to make a formal statement, Brick's birthday - Amy gives him a cake, Channing's birthday - Sophia goes to his grave, Cruz plans to bug Kirk's apartment

Dec 12, 1985 / ep 350 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Cruz & Pearl plant bugs at Kirk's; Kelly, Nick & Dylan return to SB; Julia moves out of the Lockridge house to support Augusta who thinks Lionel & Sophia had sex during the fire ordeal

Dec 13, 1985 / ep 351 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Dylan, Sam & Pearl visit the deserted rig, Dylan comes up with the casino idea but Kirk says no, Janice's centerfold is published but someone is stalking her

Dec 16, 1985 / ep 352 - my copy incomplete/in b&w
Kelly & Nick get engaged, Cruz steals the bugs back but Eden catches him, they fight and she tells him she pulled the plug but Cruz doesn't believe it, Eden realizes she can't remember doing it

Dec 17, 1985 / ep 353my copy incomplete/in b&w
Eden asks Kirk about the night of the plug pulling, Mason & Mary fight, Dylan pitches his casino idea to Eden, Mary helps Mark paint his apartment, Dylan wins some money betting but then loses it

Dec 18, 1985 / ep 354 my copy incomplete/in b&w
Kirk & Eden move into the Capwell house, Lionel (Don Stewart) apologizes to Brick about the phony embezzlement charges

Dec 19, 1985 / ep 355 my ep incomplete
Brick's hospital records are missing, Dylan & Kelly at the rig smash a bottle of champagne, Cruz brings Santana a Xmas tree

Dec 25, 1985 / ep 359 my ep slightly incomplete
Christmas - end of Mason's Scrooge dream & Mason plays Santa, Nick gives Kelly a puppy, Eden opens the present from the "blackmailer", special ending credits

Dec 26, 1985 / ep 360my ep slightly incomplete
Mary wakes up on Mark's couch, Mason plans to propose to Mary, Cruz & Santana think Brandon was in a car accident, Mason & Janice sleep together

Dec 27, 1985 / ep 361my ep slightly incomplete
Kirk sends Eden another blackmail note to bring the money to the cemetery, Dylan sets up for Kelly & Nick's party, Brick & Nick try to find out the name of the baby switched with him

Dec 30, 1985 / ep 362my ep incomplete
Dylan & Kelly stranded on the rig, Eden tries to catch the blackmailer at the cemetery, Brick finds out Channing was the other baby in the photo and goes to see Minx, New Year's Eve party starts, Kirk pretends to leave for business but hides in CC's room as the blackmailer, Nick rescues Kelly & Dylan from the rig


Jan 2, 1986 / ep 364
Mary gets upset after seeing Mason's New Year's Eve tape

Jan 3, 1986 / ep 365my ep slightly incomplete
Cruz and Santana find Gina in Las Vegas but Gina has left Brandon with a friend, Eden upset after sleeping with Krik the night before, the "blackmailer" shreds Eden's lingerie, Mark & Janice sign the divorce papers, Gina & Santana catfight

Jan 6, 1986 / ep 366 –my ep slightly incomplete
Janice is surprised & held by the man whose wife died after surgery from Mark, Santana signs a paper saying she won't seek custody of Brandon in exchange for Gina returning Brandon to SB, Kirk fakes a fight with the "blackmailer"

Jan 7, 1986 / ep 367 – my ep slightly incomplete
Cruz & Santana back at her apartment, Kirk at the clinic after being hit by the "blackmailer", at a bar Mason meets with the guy who harassed Janice

Jan 8, 1986 / ep 368 my ep slightly incomplete
CC (Jed Allan) getting better, Mason plans to post a guard outside CC's room after they find a pillow on the floor near CC's bed, Santana and Julia have lunch, at the museum Lionel unveils an old painting of Sophia he kept, Gina steals a syringe and some drugs from Mark's bag

Jan 9, 1985 / ep 369 my ep slightly incomplete
Brick tells Lionel he is his son, Lionel tells Sophia, Kelly wants to tell Nick the truth so Dylan decides to leave town, CC gets up

Jan 13, 1986 / ep 371my ep slightly incomplete
Cruz & Santana on the beach, Mason poisoned - Mary saves him, CC stops Gina from injecting him and warns her to keep quiet, Eden & Kirk return from Tahoe, Kirk tells Gina he knows she took the syringe from Mark's bag

Jan 14, 1986 / ep 372 I have partial/clips only
At breakfast Mason accuses Gina of poisoning him, Mason tells Ted about his plans for the company, Gina accuses Mason of raping her in front of CC faking his coma

Jan 29, 1986 / ep 382my ep is interrupted by news on the Challenger explosion
CC tells Mason to get out & asks Mary to move into the guest house, CC meets with Minx, Sophia & Lionel kiss on the yacht, CC lets Dylan continue with the casino

Feb 6, 1986 / ep 388 - (partial copy received)
CC forces Gina to give up custody of Brandon, Mason wakes up at Janice's, Gina stabs Mason's cardboard double, everyone at the hospital finds out Kelly will be ok

Mar 7, 1986 / ep 409 - I have a wmv copy only
Dylan rigs the roulette wheel so Warren loses, Cruz plans to leave SB, Mason visits Mary at the hospital

Mar 10, 1986 / ep 410 – I have a wmv copy only
Mason gets drunk at the rehearsal dinner for he & Santana's wedding, Gina & Kirk rehearse killing Eden at the boathouse

Mar 18, 1986 / ep 416 - my ep slightly incomplete
Mark can't perform when he and Mary try to have sex, Cruz and Santana get married, Gina and Eden struggle in the boathouse, Eden crashes her car & is taken to the hospital

Mar 20, 1986 / ep 418 (new copy received)
Angel finds Gina on the beach, Sophia calls Cruz and he & Santana arrive at the hospital

Mar 21, 1986 / ep 419my ep slightly incomplete
Kirk tells Eden she lost the baby, Kirk tries to convince Eden not to tell anyone about Gina, Cruz asks Eden about the accident

March 25, 1986 / ep 421my ep incomplete
Ted gets a call from Laken, Brandon moves in with Santana, Hayley learns Gina may be dead, Cruz gets a report on some of the evidence and Pearl thinks it looks like Eden tried to kill Gina

March 31, 1986 / ep 425 my ep incomplete
Kirk at the hospital, Hayley retrieves the tape recorder from Kirk's hospital room, Kelly and Dylan fight because he stole Nick's books

April 1, 1986 / ep 426
No summary

April 2, 1986 / ep 427 - I have clips only
Kirk calls Eden, CC, Hayley & Cruz to his room to confess on his deathbed but the doctor arrives and says a heart transplant is possible, Kirk is airlifted to Stanford, CC tells Brandon Gina is dead, Brandon runs away from Santana's

April 8, 1986 / ep 431 - I have clips only
At the bungalow, Cruz re-enacts when Pearl found Madeline's body but David arrives, Cruz asks Courtney about Madeline's enemies, David signs the papers for Madeline's heart to be transplanted into Kirk

April 9, 1986 / ep 432 - I have clips only
Kirk is being prepared for the heart transplant surgery, Eden asks Nick to trace who bought the wire she found in the boathouse, Cruz learns Madeline spoke to Eden right before the attack and heads up to Palo Alto to see Eden, Eden is disturbed that Kirk might pull through but she won't tell Cruz why she's upset, Kirk's operation is a success

April 10, 1986 / ep 433 - I have clips only
Madeline's funeral is scheduled for tonight, Santana is upset that Cruz came home late from Palo Alto, Cruz and Santana tell Brandon they got married, Kelly moves out of Nick's, Kelly asks Cruz to keep an eye on Nick, Cruz and Santana spend the evening with Brandon

April 11, 1986 / ep 434 my ep incomplete
Day Halley's comet comes closest to earth, Lionel on the beach with telescope, Dylan proposes to Kelly, Courtney tells Cruz she thinks David killed Madeline, C&E remember the proposal

April 15, 1986 / ep 436 - I have clips only
At Stanford, Kirk's body is rejecting the heart, Courtney tells Pearl about the cigarette she saw and that she saw someone that looked like David outside the bungalow, CC & Sophia arrive in Palo Alto, Cruz worries about Eden, Eden tells Sophia she's never loved Kirk, Kirk is stabilized, Cruz arrives in Palo Alto, Eden tells Cruz she believes Kirk tried to kill her

April 16, 1986 / ep 437 - I have clips only
Cruz gets a report of blood on David's cufflinks, David tells Cruz he thought Madeline was having an affair and he went to the bungalow and found her after she had been attacked, David's bloody shirt is found

April 18, 1986 / ep 439 my ep incomplete
Warren holds a gun on Sophia at the boathouse after she figured out he's the robber, Julia agrees to represent David

April 21, 1986 / ep 440
No summary

April 22, 1986 / ep 441
Kirk (Robert Newman) comes home from the hospital & back to the Capwell house

April 25, 1986 / ep 444
Lionel tells Minx about that they lost the house to CC, Eden tries to talk CC out of taking the Lockridge house, Nick meets Justin at Buzz's, Eden tells Cruz that they should pretend to have an affair to get Kirk, Minx refuses to leave the house and shoots at CC

April 28, 1986 / ep 445my ep incomplete
Minx shoots CC in the butt with a pellet gun when he tries to evict the Lockridges (replays), Eden realizes Kirk has been spying on her from his room, Lionel & Augusta spend the night together

May 1, 1986 / ep 448
No summary

May 2, 1986 / ep 449 - my ep incomplete (new copy received)
Mason & Mary kiss at the stables, Eden and Cruz at the cabana while Kirk watches from outside, Ted & Hayley go on a date, Dylan breaks into Kelly's apartment , Mary goes to the convent

May 12, 1986 / ep 455
No summary

May 13, 1986 / ep 456
Sophia tells Brick she has cancer, Cruz explains to Santana that the cabana was an act to set up Kirk, Mary confesses to Mason in the confessional at the convent, Mark calls Mary at the convent, Mary agrees to come home in a few days, Kirk gets angry with Eden and she runs off

May 16, 1986 / ep 459 - I have partial only
Mason walks Mary back to the convent, Mason goes back to the Capwell house where Mark hits him, Gina goes to the Capwell house looking for Brandon after being threatened by Kirk

May 19, 1986 / ep 460 my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Mason and Mary back in SB, Mary tells Mark she wants an annulment, Nick trying to find Kelly and Dylan, Dylan gets pushed out the window (end)

May 20, 1986 / ep 461my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Dylan gets pushed out the window (replays), dies, Kirk follows Gina out of the hotel to find Eden, Mark starts to force himself on Mary

May 21, 1986 / ep 462 my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Mark rapes Mary, CC kicks Kirk out, Gina finds Eden at the cliff house and plays the tape for her of Kirk's confession, Cruz arrests Kelly

May 22, 1986 / ep 463my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Gina drives off in Eden's car - drives off a cliff, Kirk comes in with a gun but Eden knocks him out and runs out, Cruz makes it to the cliffhouse but Eden is gone, Eden makes it to Aqualand

June 2, 1986 / ep 470my ep slightly incomplete
Mason & Julia spar during pre-trial/jury selection, David brings Shelia her lipstick that was left in his hotel rm, Sophia urges Mary to tell Mason what's upsetting her, Lionel tells CC about Sophia's cancer

June 3, 1986 / ep 471 my ep slightly incomplete
Mary tells Sophia that Mark raped her, Ted auditions for KUSB and meets Jane, CC tells Eden about Sophia's cancer, Mary threatens to tell the church Mark raped her if he protests the anulment, Cruz & Santana argue and Cruz follows Eden home, Mason proposes to Mary at the OE

June 4, 1986 / ep 472 my ep slightly incomplete
David's trial starts, Mason and Julia's opening statements, Courtney goes to see Sheila, Cruz testifies, Ted's first day on air at KUSB, Gina visits Kelly at the sanitarium, Courtney tells Mason about a letter she saw at Sheila's

June 6, 1986 / ep 474
The PI & Courtney testify, Sheila takes the stand & testifies she & David had an affair, Julia subpoenas Lionel, Mason tells Julia he knows about her and David

June 12, 1986 / ep 478 my ep incomplete
Gina asks Sophia for money for her cookie business, Mary finds out she's pregnant, Mark tells Mary he's leaving town, David testifies, CC and Sophia visit Kelly

June 16, 1986 / ep 480 - I have clips only
Mary tells Mason she's pregnant (replays), Mary & Mason have dinner at the OE & Mason taunts Julia

June 18, 1986 / ep 482 - my ep not great quality/slightly incomplete (new copy received)
The verdict comes in - David acquitted, Santana confronts Eden at the Orient Express, Julia heads up to the cabin

June 19, 1986 / ep 483 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Julia finds the bloody dumb bell in David's bag at the cabin, Mason drunk after the verdict, Lionel plots with Grant against CC

June 20, 1986 / ep 484 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Keith and Cruz spar at KUSB, Gina switches Santana's pills again, Julia hides the dumb bell in the fireplace, Pearl enters the sanitarium

June 23, 1986 / ep 485 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Julia locks herself in the bathroom at the cabin, Cruz finds Santana on the roof of the hotel taking off her clothes

June 24, 1986 / ep 486 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
David breaks into the bathroom with an axe, Julia excapes out the window - goes to the ranger station, Keith and Santana have sex on the beach

June 25, 1986 / ep 487 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
heila and David accuse each other of Madeline's murder at the ranger station, Mary tells Mason to forget the annullment b/c the church will have to talk to Mark

June 26, 1986 / ep 488 - my copy missing 5 minutes (new copy received)
Mark back in town, CC and Grant spar, Ted and Hayley planning to move in together, Mary slips and tells Mark she's pregnant

June 27, 1986 / ep 489 - my copy missing 5-10 minutes (new copy received)
Mason meets with Grant & Lionel on Lionel's boat, CC & Sophia have dinner on the beach, Gina suggests to Cruz that Santana is having an affair

June 30, 1986 / ep 490 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Mark tells Mason he and Mary slept together, Mason gets drunk and goes to see CC but then decides not to help Grant, Mary tells Mason Mark raped her, CC & Sophia make love

July 1, 1986 / ep 491 - my ep slightly incomplete (new copy received)
Mason wants Mary to press charges against Mark, Mason hits Mark, CC & Sophia visit Kelly, Courtney visits Pearl

July 18, 1986 / Ep 501 - my copy missing 5 minutes
Mason "shoots" Mark, threatens Julia at the courthouse, visits CC with the gun, Kelly visits CC - begs him not to send her back to the hospital but Rawlings shows up

Aug 1, 1986 / ep 511 - I have clips only
Julia undergoes hypnosis, Cruz interviews a witness to the hit and run, Cruz figures out Santana hit Eden

Aug 4, 1986 / ep 512 - I have clips only
Cruz questions Keith about the accident, Keith issues a warrant for Santana's arrest

Aug 5, 1986 / ep 513 - I have clips only
Santana is arrested, Keith convinces Santana to sign a confession

Aug 6, 1986 / ep 514 - I have clips only
Santana's hearing begins, Santana testifies but the judge denies the motion to lessen the charges, Santana announces she'll tell the truth

Aug 7, 1986 / ep 515 - I have clips only
Santana testifies that Keith was with her but he denies it

Aug 8, 1986 / ep 516 - I have partial only
end - Santana's hearing ends, Owen tells Rawlings they're in Mexico

Aug 20, 1986 / ep 524I have partial/clips only
Mason tells Ted about finding Lily, Lionel meets with Augusta's kidnapper, Hayley sees Jane as Roxanne

Aug 21, 1986 / ep 525I have partial only
Jane is unmasked as Roxanne, CC gives Lionel the money for Augusta's ransom & she is rescued, C&E set off the fire sprinklers at the OE, Mason brings everyone to the revival tent, Lily Light appears

Aug 22, 1986 / ep 526 my ep incomplete?
Lily Light appears at the tent meeting (replays), Santana gives Cruz Eden's ring, Augusta leaves, Lily moves into the guest house

Aug 26, 1986 / ep 528 I have partial only
Alice tells Pearl that Rawlings killed Brian in a church, Lily pretends to faint at a casino protest

Aug 29. 1986 / ep 531I have partial/clips only
Eden moves in with Cruz, Pearl returns to the sanitarium to report Rawlings' arrest, Keith pretends Gina is his fiance for his grandmother, Keith's grandmother dies, Brick & Lily debate about the casino on KUSB, Gina brings her marriage portrait to CC & Sophia, Cruz offers his sympathy to Keith

Sept 1, 1986 / ep 532 I have partial/clips only
Keith rejects Cruz's sympathy (replays) and he tells Cruz he's going to get revenge for Katie's death, Hayley and Lily spend time together, Mason persuades Lily to stay in the guest house, Tori calls calls Cruz and he meets her at the Orient Express, Lily and Gina argue

Sept 2, 1986 / ep 533 - I have clips only
CC meets with Julia and Lionel about his money, Hayley protests at Buzz's with Lily's followers, Eden finds the earring in Cruz's drawer and has it appraised, Cruz takes Tori around town to look for a place for her to live, Cruz finally tells Eden about Tori, Lionel agrees to be Alice's guardian and she arrives at the Lockridge house

Sept 3, 1986 / ep 534 - I have partial/clips only
CC kicks Lionel, Pearl, Alice, Jane & Julia out of the Lockridge house, Tori visits the beach house and meets Eden, Lionel comes up with idea to have Pearl buy the Lockridge house, Santana has a hearing and the charges for shooting Gina are dismissed

Sept 4, 1986 / ep 535 - I have clips only
Lily & Gina catfight, Pearl buys the Lockridge house

Sept 15, 1986 / ep 542 -I have partial/clips only
Keith questions Cruz about Kelly, the police question Lily about Amy's death, Mason accuses Lily of using everyone for her own purposes, Mason and Lily kiss

Sept 17, 1986 / ep 544 -I have partial/clips only
Hayley starts to tell Brick it was an accident (replays) but Lily & Mason arrive at the church, Cruz tells Eden Keith bugged their phone, Hayley is brought in for questioning but Gina convinces her not to say anything and Hayley is booked

Sept 19, 1986 / ep 546 - I have partial only
Lily & Mason sleep together, Mason gets drunk, Gina asks Angel for more drugs then pretends to get drunk at the OE, Angel tells Santana Keith bought the drugs from him-not Gina, Gina goes to Keith's

Sept 24, 1986 / ep 549
No summary

Sept 30, 1986 / ep 553
No summary

Oct 16, 1986 / ep 565 I have clips only
Lily tells Mason she'll help him get the tape from Gina if he helps her get her following back, Cruz leaves for Monte Carlo, Mason sets up a phony hearing on Amy's death to try to get the tape from Gina

Oct 21, 1986 / ep 568
Ted & Hayley get married

Nov 3, 1986 / ep 577 I have clips only
Sophia plans to fly Gina to a deserted island but they get caught in a storm and Sophia crash lands the plane

Nov 19, 1986 / ep 589 - I have clips only
Eden and Cruz argue at the lighthouse, CC and Gina's wedding

Dec 2, 1986 / ep 597 I have half only
Cruz shoots Danny, Pearl & Brian get trapped in a cave in, Gina tips off Cruz that Angel is at the OE, Angel gets away

Dec 22, 1986 / ep 610 - I have clips only (new copy received on tape)
Gina goes to the airport trying to catch CC & Sophia, Cruz visits Eden to tell her he loves her, CC & Sophia spend a romantic evening at the guest house

Dec 31, 1986 / ep 617 I have 15 min only (new copy received on tape)
(Note: due to a pre-empt in early December, this is NOT the New Year’s Eve episode, but actually the episode before the New Year’s Eve episode.) Gina planning a New Year's Eve party, CC and Ted going fishing, Santana visits Brick & Cruz at the construction of Johnny's


Jan 30, 1987 / ep 638 my ep incomplete / have full copy in French in AVI format
E&C with Pearl on the Orient Express & Pearl pretends to be sick so C&E can be alone, K&J in the van set up separate "rooms"

May 14, 1987 / ep 711I have clips only / have full copy in French in AVI format
Cruz tries to rescue Elena, Cruz shoots Addison, Cain puts Eden in the wheelchair

June 8, 1987 / ep 728 I have clips/partial only / have full copy in French in AVI format
Julia finds Mason slept in his office drunk last night & asks Cruz to talk to him, Eden uses the crutches, Cain tells Eden about Soo-Li, Tori and Julia argue

June 15, 1987 / ep 733 I have partial only due to preempt / have full copy in French in AVI format
Eden's birthday: Cain makes a cake but gets drunk, Elena follows a lead on Johnny and gets trapped-Cruz saves her, Julia answers Mason's phone

Aug 7, 1987 / ep 759 - have full copy in French in AVI format
The Indian shows Mason the newspaper saying Eden is alive, K&J on their way to NM, Jeffrey leaves Kelly a tracking device and goes to find the Indian, at a gas station the Indian holds Jeffrey


Aug 12, 1988 / ep 1016(partial copy received; have full copy in French)
Eden & Cruz tell Kelly & Ted that Mason may be alive, Gina & Keith plan to look for Mason, CC & Sophia's anniversary, Julia & Cruz start looking for Mason

Aug 17, 1988 / ep 1019 - (partial copy received; have full copy in French)
Jeffrey in the hospital, Kelly and TJ make love,Gina gets shot out of a cannon at the circus, Tori hysterical and Scott tries to convince her to go back to the clinic, Cruz goes back home, Michael & Julia fix a flat tire and decide to go home


May 4, 1989 / ep 1201my ep incomplete / have full copy in French in AVI format (new copy received??? -- can't find)
Cruz in San Francisco impersonating Kirk & finds the babysitter, Cruz & Sandra get cornered by Mr. Han, M&J at the clinic in Palm Springs, CC tells Sophia he loves Megan

May 10, 1989 / ep 1205my ep incomplete / have full copy in French in AVI format (new copy received??? -- can't find)
Michael thinks Missy never learned to read, Augusta helps Julia prepare for the wedding, M&J make love in the elevator on their way to the rehearsal dinner, Cruz arrives in Paris & searches for Eden

May 23, 1989 / ep 1214 - have full copy in French in AVI format
Cruz discovers Hollis made up the kidnapping. Cruz, Eden, Kelly and Ric find Hollis when she's just planning to escape to London. Laura and Ethan are make plans for a cruise

May 24, 1989 / ep 1215 - have full copy in French in AVI format
Ted and Wanda invite M&J for a picnic, Sophia finds out that C.C. Greg's father, Hollis gives C&E Adriana after admitting she bought her after her real baby died. Hollis falls in the river and drowns

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