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If you're a Kristi fan and you're interested in any of these tapes/cds, please e-mail me if you have questions. Note: I am Kristi Martel's official archivist. Kristi is a trade-friendly artist and allows not-for-profit trading of her live, non-commercially-available recordings.

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Shows I attended are marked with
. Anything listed without a setlist is something I haven't had a chance to list yet. Stuff I've recently added is marked with ***. If you've never heard Kristi, I'll be happy to send you a cd sampler of a few of her songs. Kristi is AMAZING.... You can also check out her site for more info and for song clips. She tours all over so please please go see her live and support independent music! Note: if you have a Kristi bootleg, please contact me! I am now the official Sealed Lip Records Bootleg Manager and Archivist and my goal is to have every Kristi bootleg in existence!

Posted 5/4/04: The Mule is here!! Go to to buy it! Kristi still needs help in paying off the debts incurred to make The Mule, so please click on the banner below to help. I absolutely adore The Mule!

Help Kristi raise funds to record The Mule

Kristi Martel - Audio

photos by Johannah Hetherington

Kristi's Out-of-Print Cassettes - for sale
Note: I am taping the two out-of-print cassettes with Kristi's permission for $6 each, plus $1 for shipping. The $6 goes directly to Kristi and the $1 covers my cost of shipping. E-mail me if you're interested!

With Mouth and Hands 1998 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP, (p) 1998 Sealed Lip Records (SLR2 - cassette) Recorded at Mills College, Oakland, CA, 3/19/98. Note: I have 2 of the last remaining hand-made lyric booklets that go with the cassette! add $2 for booklet. Tracks: side a - A Grieving, Turcotte's Voice, The Mule, Autumn Nightwork, honey.moon side b - My Torn in Two, bound, Hands, Motherless Child

4-track & live recordings 1996 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP, (p) 1996 Sealed Lip Records (SLR1 - cassette) This recording was made by Kristi in her low-budget home studio, complete with the sound of cars driving by... Tracks: side a - honey.moon (vocal only), queer (poem), autumn nightwork, tickling monologue (spoken word), improv, easy, the maiden and her master, the mule side b - Borderlands, when outside gets inside through the skin, honey.moon, see you sweet, my torn in two

Kristi Metal 1997 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLM1 - 1 cd) Recorded at Mills College, Oakland, CA, 2/8/97: insanity piece, my torn in two, honey.moon, bound

Kristi Bootlegs - for trade
(I'm working on transferring the tapes to cd...)

Live at the Cultural Labyrinth, Vol One, 1998: (1 cd)

Benefit for Rose Street House, Berkeley CA 4/8/00: (2 cd's) includes songs by Marie Schumacher, Emily Shore, Green, Deborah Pardes, Irina Rivkin, Kristi (Give, Honor), Bonnianne Boroson, Erica Ballinger, Littlebird (Visons of Erin, November Nights, Jelly Man Kelly)
I've also got the 2-cd set from the 4/7/00 benefit show that does not include Kristi. Artists that played that night are Arin Simonian, Jenn August, Lisa Redfern, Reverend Rabia, Making Waves, Shelley Doty, Rachel Garlin, Lisa Cohen

Rose Street House, Berkeley CA 5/13/00: (master - tape) quality - good, some tape recorder hum, 90 min. This was a songwriter in the round of Allette Brooks, Irina Rivkin, Kristi, Arin Simonian, Emily Shore. I only taped Allette - except for the last round - since I had never heard any of the other women... This was the first time I ever heard Kristi! Allette: bye now (rehearsal with Irina), the Okavango song, silicon valley rebel, share, same room, bye now (w/ Irina), swim with me, passage of time. Last round: Kristi: Give, Emily: ?, Allette: Unsolicited Advice, Irina (w/ everyone): goddess chant

Twiggs Coffeehouse, San Diego CA 7/5/01: (master - tape) quality - very good, 30 min, all on piano: Give, Through that door, Even Free, Rise, Comeback

Borders Bookstore, Carmel Mountain CA 7/6/01: (master - tape) quality - very good, 110 min, I missed the first two songs due to technical difficulties (or, rather, me being stupid and accidentally having the pause button on...): Hands, aged, fly, silver, even free, promise, see you sweet, honey.moon, give, all I want (joni mitchell cover), rise, my torn in two, carry me, through that door, hooker, honor, everything is everything (lauryn hill cover), prelude for the left hand alone (scriabin), autumn nightwork, give, comeback, the mule

Photos by me, Borders Bookstore, Carmel Mountain, CA, 7/6/01

Twiggs Coffeehouse, San Diego CA 7/7/01: (master - tape) quality - very good, 45 min: Silver (piano), the mule (piano), even free, Promise, Rise, hooker, Give, Aged, Comeback

Juna's Cafe, Ithaca NY 8/11/01: (1 cd) quality - excellent, w/ Littlebird on guitar and vocals. soundcheck - See you sweet, rise, aged, hooker, fly, see you sweet, silver, comeback, through that door, even free, give

Oakland Pride, Oakland CA 8/31/01: (1 cd) quality - very good/excellent. The mule, comeback, rise, honor, fly, give, through that door

Sad Cafe, Plaistow NH 5/11/02: (1 cd) quality - very good/excellent. See you sweet, carrying stories, fly, silver, through that door, rise, comeback, aged, hands, even free, the mule, road song, give (a cappella)

House Concert with Kevin Silvia, North Smithfield RI 5/12/02: (2 cd's)

House Concert, Tucson AZ 5/26/02:(2 cd's) quality - very good although there are some clicking sounds. My name, see you sweet, carrying stories, silver, road song, all I want (joni mitchell cover - with an extra bit that Kristi skips sometimes), even freem aged, Tell me more and more and then some (Billie Holiday cover), give, Tuck and Patti cover, rise, fly, hooker, the mule, through that door, Vienna (Billy Joel cover), honor, comeback, willing to fight (Ani cover), autumn nightwork

14 Below, Santa Monica CA 6/17/02: (master - tape) quality - very good, 30 min: Give, rise, road song, silver, comeback, through that door

House Concert, Santa Monica CA 6/18/02: (master - tape) quality - very good, 90 min.

Cayuga Vault, Santa Cruz CA 6/28/02: (master - tape) quality - very good, wonderful show, great venue! 90 min. With Littlebird on backing vocals: give (a capella), even free, aged, the mule, hooker, comeback, road song, my name, see you sweet, rise, fly, carrying stories, silver, through that door, give, the maiden and her master

14 Below, Santa Monica CA 9/7/02: (master - tape) quality - very good/excellent, 30 min. soundcheck - see you sweet; set - give, aged, carrying stories, road song, hooker, the mule

BackStreeT Galleries, West Los Angeles CA 9/8/02: (master - tape) quality - good, lots of background chatter though (this was an art show of Jen Wargo's beautiful photos to benefit Aids Project Los Angeles (APLA), so lots of people were wandering around chatting... second half has less chatter.) 110 min, all on piano: classical set - Bach, Scriabin, Brahms; regular set - see you sweet, carrying stories, silver, road song, I cover the waterfront, the third death, carry me, give, silver, fly, honey.moon, rise, honor, hands, through that door, even free, the mule, comeback

House Concert, Santa Monica CA 9/17/02: (2cds with Edie's set, from my master cassette) quality - very good, split bill with Edie Carey (I taped her 75-min set also), with Littlebird on backing vocals, 75 min: Carrying stories, see you sweet, carry it on, silver, rise, the maiden and her master, fly, song of solomon (kate bush cover), through that door, american tune (cover of the Indigo Girls' cover of Paul Simon), Billie Holiday cover, hands, the third death, give, even free

House Concert, Long Beach CA 10/4/02: (2 cds, from my master cassette) quality - good/very good, setlist by me! With Littlebird on backing vocals, 110 min: See you sweet, my name, through that door, for josh, all I want, Littlebird: big yellow taxi, carry it on, the mule, hooker, the maiden and her master, a little Bach/set break, road song, even free, rise, give, silver, honor, a little bit of You're So Vain (punk cover), procrastination (Littlebird's song with Kristi on piano, backing vocals), comeback (Littlebird/Kristi)

House Concert, Santa Monica CA 11/16/02: (master - tape) W/ Littlebird

House Concert with Kevin Silvia & Littlebird, North Smithfield RI 12/28/02: (3 cd's)

Sad Cafe, Plaistow NH 12/30/02: (1 cd)

Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles CA 1/19/03: ( 1 cd, from my master tape) quality - very good. Note: I remastered this because Hooker and Give had skips. If you got a copy with skips, let me know and I'll send you the new version. W/ Littlebird on guitar, harmonica, vocals. Aged, hands, see you sweet, rise, hooker, silver, through that door, even free, give. This show is also available in SHN format on the Live Music Archive!

Hot Monkey Love Cafe, San Diego CA 2/14/03: (master - cassette) W/ Littlebird

Twiggs Coffeehouse, San Diego CA 2/15/03: (master - cassette) W/ Littlebird

Lestat's, San Diego CA 2/16/03: (master - cassette) W/ Littlebird

***Claire de Lune's, San Diego CA 2/17/03: (master-cassette) W/ Littlebird. This was the last time I saw Littlebird... I'm going to work on converting this one to cd first.

***The Nameless, Oakland, CA 10/24/03: (2 cds, from my MD recording) includes almost all of Meliza Banales' opening spoken-word set. This was Kristi's moving-back-east show. Very emotional...

***Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA 4/7/04: (still on MD, waiting to be transferred) W/ Sarah Woolf. Great show and Kristi debuted her cover of Tori Amos' Pancake!

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