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Old Video Tape Log:

Ok: here's the deal... This is a developing list of the video tapes I have which contain Santa Barbara episodes. Some tapes contain complete episodes with commercials and some are only edit tapes. Some tapes contain other weird stuff in addition to SB. I am basically using this page as my list for you, and my personal reference list to help me keep track of what's on my tapes. Anything listed as "master" is something I've taped myself; anything listed as "second generation" is something I received from someone else and is NOT indicative of actual generations of taping... it's just my shorthand that indicates it was not my tape originally. I recently got someone else's master tapes... these are listed as "used masters." Everything was taped in SLP/EP unless otherwise noted.

The tape numbers are my personal numbering system and are mostly indicative or order, but not always... I've tried to list the month or year in which the stuff was taped where possible. Anything non-SB is listed in red. Transitions on the tape are noted in blue. Keep in mind that this list is not complete...I've got over 200 SB tapes and over 200 SB dvd's. I'm going to try to update this in my spare time when I can. I'm working on updating some of the tape descriptions with dates, but in the meantime, you can e-mail me if you have questions about episode dates or episode numbers.

I'm working on transferring everything that's good, very good or excellent quality to dvd and organizing everything in order by episode number. You can download the excel version of my SB calendar if you need help with episode numbers or air dates.
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Please Note: my tapes are in NTSC. I cannot watch tapes in PAL or make tapes in PAL. However, I can watch DVD's made in PAL on my computer.

(Updated 12/31/2006) Stuff I've recently added or updated is marked with ***.

Misc. abbreviations:
C&E: Cruz and Eden
CC&S: CC and Sophia

M&J: Mason and Julia
K&J: Kelly and Jefferey
OE: Orient Express
DAYS: Days of Our Lives
ep: episode
SP: tape speed of Short Play, best quality but records at 2hrs per tape
LP: tape speed of Long Play, intermediate quality, records at 4 hrs per tape
SLP/EP: tape speed of Super Long Play or Extended Play, still good quality, IMHO, records at 6hrs per tape
~ : approximately

SB Videotapes

Tape 1984-1 : (2nd generation) 3hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, July 30, 31, August 1, 2, 1984 - eps #1-4: Premiere - Channing is shot (1979), Joe released from prison (1984), Joe returns to Santa Barbara. NOTE: Also converted to a 3-dvd set with episode 1, 2 and 4partial from the US airings (as well as 1-4 complete from the Sweden airings).

Tape 1984-2 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, August 3-14, 1984 - eps #5-12part1: Ted/Laken, someone bombed the Perkins house, Santana going to Acapulco to find out what happened to her son, Joe/Dominic, Danny doing a stunt for a movie, Augusta and Joe, Mason/Santana, Peter starts working for CC at the hotel, Joe goes to see Kelly and tries to convince her he's innocent, Ted and Danny go to Hollywood, Peter playing polo, Joe moping about Kelly - gives her letters he wrote to her in prison, Augusta/Warren, Peter falls playing polo and misses party, CC and Mason fight at party, Perkins family stuff, Joe/Dominic - Joe trying to get access to Capwell house, Santana finds out CC knows where her son is, oil rig fire, Jade goes to Hollywood to stay with Danny and Ted, Joe breaks into Capwell house to go through Channing's room, Santana working as a decorator for Capwell hotel, oil fire - Cruz arrives in town and saves oil rig - collapses and ends up in the hospital. NOTE: Also converted to a 3-dvd set through episode 13 (dvd overlap with tape 1984-3).

Tape 1984-3 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, August 14-23, 1984 - eps #12part2-19: Cruz in hospital after oil rig fire, Dominic arranges meeting with Kelly and Joe, Laken goes to Hollywood to visit, Joe breaks into Capwell house - Kelly sees him but doesn't turn him in, Cruz at Capwell house recovering from injuries in fire, Joe starts to work for Lockridges, Kelly sees Joe and Augusta together - Joe kisses Kelly - Kelly gets all upset and goes home to Peter to make love to him (for the first time?), Cruz stands up for Joe. NOTE: Also available on a 4-dvd set from episode 11 through 20 (dvd overlap with tape 1984-4).

Tape 1984-4 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, August 24-Sept 4, 1984 - eps #20-27: morning after Kelly and Peter make love, Augusta and Joe having an affair, Santana/CC - she's decorating and kissing up to CC - her hair is now brown, Mason sleeping with his secretary Sarah, Capwells trying to buy Lockridge property, Santana goes riding and falls, Lionel sends sarcophagus home and then arrives in town, CC goes looking for Santana and saves her from a rattlesnake, CC/Santana starting to like each other - Santana in hospital after rattlesnake bite, Mason blackmailing Peter about his past affair with Augusta - Mason trying to get info on Lockridge property and whether they really legally own it, Augusta cooks Laken's pigeon, Joe discovers Dominic was the person who was at the study the night of Channing's murder and therefore knows he didn't kill Channing, Mason arranges to search Lockridge house for info on property (actual search missing), Peter arranges for a two-way mirror to be installed in presidential suite. NOTE: Also converted to a 3-dvd set from eps 19 through 27 (overlap with tape 1984-3).

Tape 1984-5 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, September 10-19, 1984 - essentially eps #31-38:(Note - eps 28, 29, & 30 are missing in between 1984-4 and 1984-5.) Actually starts with 27p2, bit of 30, 31-32, 33p2 only, 34-38. episodes missing where Mason searches Lockridge house and Kelly and Joe dance at La Mesa > Jade in trouble in Hollywood with sleazy producer, Laken and Ted in Hollywood after blow up at Capwell house, Joe at Cruz's - arranges to meet Kelly, Joe tells Kelly there was a witness that knows he didn't kill Channing but Joe thinks Dominic has left town, Mason dating Veronica (Peter's secretary), Lionel and Veronica planning something, Joe quit working at Lockridges, Peter and Joe fight, CC and Santana dating - sort of, Danny and Jade run into David Hasslehoff in Hollywood, Kelly starting to warm up to Joe, Ted and Laken come home but want to be able to see each other without parental interruptions, CC (Paul Burke now), Peter admits he was the one who told Channing about Kelly and Joe's engagement (which caused Channing and Joe to fight the day before the murder, therfore giving Joe a motive), Santana tells Cruz she and Channing used to meet at the gazebo which is now overgrown, Dominic is back, Kelly sneaks out of Capwell house after her and Peter fight - she leaves town for a few days and refuses to tell anyone where she is - thoroughly pissing off Peter, Cruz pressuring Santana about her and Channing's secret letters - he is trying to help Joe prove his innocence, Dominic back - breaks into Santana's apartment and reads the letters she has - finds out there is a secret compartment in the gazebo where Channing and Santana left letters for each other, Joe and Dominic find remaining letters in gazebo that show Santana had a child and gave up the baby, Cruz hitting on Santana very heavily, Cruz finds out Joe has letters from gazebo and learns of Santana's child - brings Santana the letters - promises he won't tell anyone about the baby, Mason still scheming to get Lockridge property. NOTE: Also converted to a 4-dvd set from eps 32 through 38. Includes ep 28 and 33 whole. I still need put ep 31 on an NTSC disc, so it's not included in the 4-disc set.

Tape 1984-6 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, September 12-24, 1984 - eps #34-41: first few eps on the tape are identical to the last few eps on 1984-5, beginning with Ted and Laken wanting to see each other... the rest of the episodes follow in order. Peter cons Ted into calling Kelly, Santana tells Cruz about her son, Dominic and Joe arguing on how to proceed with the Channing murder investigation - Joe wants to focus on some stuff that involves Sophia but Dominic says it's not important, Kelly calls Peter and says she's returning home, Lionel and Augusta sparring - feeding each other in public, Kelly gathering everyone together at the Capwell house for her big decision, Joe and Santana talk, auction for Lockridge property, Ted and Laken go back to school, CC takes Santana out in his plane, Kelly comes back to town - tells Peter she's going to see Joe if she feels like it and that she's not going to be bullied into staying away from him by CC, Mason or Peter, Dominic goes to the Yucca Dunes hotel (a hotel that Channing had stolen an ashtray from and kept hidden. It was among the things Joe found in Channing's room.), Gina and Brandon arrive in town - Gina's husband has recently died and they are staying at the Capwell hotel, Mason wins the auction for the Lockridge property even though Lionel had tried to outbid him and blackmail him with a tape of Mason trashing CC, Dominic steals a page from the register of the Yucca Dunes hotel from 25 years ago, Joe confronts Dominic about what he's hiding, CC and Santana go out again, Joe finds out that Sophia, when engaged to CC, was supposedly kidnapped and held captive at the Yucca Dunes hotel but didn't remember what had happened to her (Agatha Christie anyone?), Kelly out looking for Joe, Ted and Laken in school - they have a grumpy old teacher who is making the class pair up and "get married" for an assignment, Veronica playing Peter and Mason against each other but is really loyal to Lionel for some reason, Kelly goes to meet Joe, Peter proposes a business deal with Lionel - that they should work together against Mason but Lionel tells him off, Mason trying to find out who Santana is seeing, CC offers Cruz a full-time job at the oil rig as a supervisor, Cruz figures out that Santana is dating CC, Joe plans to have Kelly see Dominic and see that there is really a witness that Joe didn't kill Channing, Ted/Laken/Jade/Danny trying to find a hangout for their friends, Mason hitting on Santana, Joe has a picture of Sophia he found in Channing's room - picture is inscribed to "L.L.", Warren considering going into the family business with Lionel, Joe guesses that L.L. could stand for Lionel Lockridge, Gina calls the Capwell house - CC moves them up to the presidential suite (Gina's husband Stockman was a close friend of CC's), Santana about to meet Gina and Brandon while she's at the Capwell hotel discussing decorating with Peter, CC rushes over there to stall Santana and avoid her from meeting Gina and Brandon, Eden is mentioned a few times as being away in Europe but that she is planning to attend CC's birthday party later in the week, Kelly fights with CC and Mason about wanting to see Joe, Kelly and Joe go to see Dominic - Joe plans to hide Kelly in the room and get Dominic to talk about his alibi, Kelly comes out of the shadows when Dominic gets suspicious - Dominic tells Kelly he and Joe went into the study together right after the shot was fired, Kelly wants to know who the hell Dominic is - he refuses to tell her but says he believes Kelly and Joe belong together, Kelly is confused about her feelings but believes Joe is innocent and is warming up to him, CC and Santana kissing and getting serious about each other. NOTE: Also converted to dvd from eps 39-41.

Tape 1984-7 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, September 25-October 4, 1984 - eps #42-49: Mason and Peter argue - sort of declare war on each other, Lionel and Warren talking > Warren mentions that he has heard rumors about Sophia and Lionel, 2 guys grab Peter - bring him to a woman who calls him Antonio - turns out Peter was a male prostitute, CC and Santana make love, Lionel tells Warren about Sophia - how she was an actress - he says he knew her, Warren indicates there was talk that Lionel and Sophia had an affair, also rumors about her being kidnapped, Lionel dodges the questions about Sophia and her death, Kelly comes in while Peter is being bullied by the pimpette and her goons, Peter is nice to her to get her to leave and tells her he understands how she feels about wanting to see Joe, etc., Ginger (the pimpette) has tapes of Peter having sex for hire - she blackmails him for $250,000 that he has 14 days to come up with, Dominic removes part of his disguise revealing that he is a she, Ted and Laken in school, CC and Santana sleeping together - CC wants to make their relationship public but Santana wants to wait, Santana tells CC about the letters Joe found, CC trying to get Kelly to elope - playing into Peter's hand trying to get Kelly to marry him so he can get money to pay off Ginger, Ted/ Laken/ Danny/ Jade trying to buy an old motel to make a hangout for their friends, Mason mentions that in between Pamela and Sophia CC slept around [look for CC's love children to pop up later], Joe breaks into Dominic's apartment but Dominic catches him, Peter wants Kelly to leave town for a few weeks with him, Joe asks Dominic if he knows anything about Sophia and Lionel but Dominic claims ignorance, CC wants Mason to get rid of Joe, CC wants Santana to go to his birthday party as his guest, Santana tells Rosa about her and CC, CC goes to visit Gina and Brandon, Joe found some women's clothing at Dominic's and thinks Dom has a girlfriend, Joe finds a card for a mental institution in Alaska in Dominic's room, CC tries to convince Gina to go on a vacation and get out of SB, Gina's sister Summer Blake arrives and they go to the beach, Peter goes to Augusta for money but she turns him away, Augusta tells Warren about Joe's suspicions that the robber who broke into the Capwell house before Channing was killed may be the murderer, Warren goes home to get rid of his clippings of the robbery, Warren has the coins that were stolen in the robbery, CC's birthday, Eden planning to come to SB to surprise CC for the birthday party, Augusta confronts Warren about Joe but Warren plays dumb, Cruz goes to see Santana - he went to Mexico to see if he could find info on her baby, Cruz tells Santana that the doctor who delivered her baby was "a friend" of CC's and Cruz thinks CC knows where her baby is, Santana tells Cruz to drop it, Peter goes to Mason for help - Mason agrees to give Peter some money if Peter can get Joe back in jail, CC tries to get Gina and Brandon to go to San Francisco, Kelly agrees to sign for Ted and Laken's motel, Lionel tells Minx they lost the beachfront property, Eden is in a plane on her way to SB to the party, Mason tells Cruz about Santana's new boyfriend - Mason doesn't realize it's CC, Joe arrives at the mental hospital in Alaska, we find out why Veronica is indebted to Lionel - apparently her brother was sick in Africa and Lionel saved his life, Eden parachutes to CC's party but lands on the Lockridge estate, Joe questions the mental patients at the hospital - one of the patients tells Joe that Dominic is really a woman, Eden arrives at the party (upstaging Mason who gives CC the Lockridge beachfront property as a gift), Warren tries to get rid of any last evidence that he was the Capwell robber - it seems he pawned some of the stuff 5 years ago after the robbery, Eden and Cruz "meet" at the party, CC hears the tape of Mason talking bad about him, Warren breaks into the storage unit where the pawn shop records are kept, CC demands an answer for the tape - Mason denies that it was his voice, Eden and Cruz have a moment - not really saying anything overt but alluding to the fact that they know each other, Veronica comes to the Capwell house to answer for the tape since her voice is on it too, Warren sets the storage unit on fire but gets trapped inside, Veronica denies any knowledge of the tape, Mason gets upset that CC doesn't take his word that he wasn't involved with tape, Veronica and Peter fight over the tape debacle, Joe breaks into the files at the mental hospital, Mason and Peter argue about Veronica and the tape - Mason says he won't give Peter the money after all but Peter has already planted drugs on Joe's motorcycle, Kelly and Peter, Kelly wants to stay at the house waiting for Joe's call, Kelly and CC argue - CC tells Kelly he is working on sending Joe back to prison, Peter called the police and tipped them off after planting the drugs on Joe's bike, CC wants to know how Eden afforded to buy him a plane - Eden claims it was from investments she made, the cops come to the Perkins house to look for the motorcycle but Danny and Jade have taken it out for a spin, Warren burned his hand in the fire before escaping - he and Summer starting to get to know each other, Jade and Danny get searched by the cops - the cops find cocaine in the bike, Eden calls Cruz and claims he "owes" her and demands that he come over to the house to see her, Kelly and CC arguing again, CC tells Kelly to stop seeing Joe or move out of the Capwell house, Joe confronts Dominic about being in the mental institute and being a woman, Kelly leaves the Capwell house, Cruz comes over to the Capwell's - they all hear that Joe's bike was found with cocaine on it, Joe goes over to Peter's place to find Kelly and ends up inside his apartment with Ginger and one of her goons, Cruz at the house - gets upset that CC and Mason are framing Joe, Cruz and Eden get alone to talk - she wants Cruz to meet her later at the cemetery, Ginger tells Joe that Peter was a male prostitute and that she's blackmailing Peter, CC and Cruz talk about Santana and her baby - Cruz found out that CC arranged for Gina to adopt Santana's son and says he's going to tell Santana - CC doesn't want Cruz to tell her, (Dominic is finally listed in the closing credits), Kelly goes to La Mesa to sulk - she's leaving home and trying to find an apt - meets up with a waitress, Sally, who is an old friend and needs a roommate, Lionel runs into CC at the bistro and notices Santana's bracelet is one that used to belong to Sophia that Lionel had given her, Joe gets the upper hand on the goons and Peter holds Ginger at gunpoint, Eden and Cruz meet at the cemetery - Eden wants Cruz to leave town but Cruz refuses - it appears they had an affair a long time ago, Lionel gets drunk and goes to Sophia's grave after admitting to Veronica that he was deeply in love with a woman from his past, Eden still at the cemetery - overhears Lionel telling Sophia's grave that he gave Sophia the bracelet, Joe stops Peter from killing Ginger and they "bond", Peter agrees to let Joe and Kelly see each other and not interfere if Joe promises not to tell anyone about his past - Joe agrees but Peter double-crosses Joe and alerts Mason to Joe's whereabouts since Joe took the gun with him and the cops are looking for him to arrest him for the drugs, Kelly moves into the apartment with Sally, Lionel sees Eden at the cemetery and thinks it's Sophia's ghost, the cops go to La Mesa to look for Joe - Peter didn't know Joe was going to Kelly's new apt, the fire at the pawn shop is on the news and Augusta figures out that it was Warren's doing - she wants to help Warren (she's afraid Warren may have killed Channing), Ted finds a scrap of burned newspaper about the robbery at the Lockridges, Kelly and Joe kiss (um, ok...), Kelly seems to have (all of a sudden) decided that she wants to be with Joe, Joe and Kelly argue over her leaving home but then they kiss and make up, Sally is at La Mesa when the cops come in looking for Joe and tries to get Kelly on the phone to warn them but they don't answer so Sally goes back to the apt to warn them, Mason recognizes that Sally is an old friend of Joe's and has the cops follow her, Kelly and Joe are at the apt still talking about Peter - Joe gets mad that Kelly is feeling sorry for Peter but then Sally bursts in to warn Joe - he runs off as the cops come in, Lionel drunk at the cemetery - having dreams about Sophia/Eden when Dominic shows up with a gun, the cops burst into Kelly's new apt and finally someone asks them for a warrant, Dominic takes Lionel for a ride at gunpoint - wants to know why Lionel was at the party for Channing 5 yrs ago, they wrestle for the gun but Dominic threatens Lionel and leaves, Mason tries to call Pamela overseas after she sent CC a birthday present, Lionel goes home - babbling about the past and thinking he's going crazy, Augusta wants to talk to him about Warren, Mason goes to see Peter - he wants Peter to call Kelly about Joe, Peter does and says he wants to help Kelly and offers his apt to hide Joe from the cops trying to set him up, Kelly tells Peter she is meeting Joe at the beach and Peter tells Mason, Augusta tries to get Warren to let her help him - it turns out that Warren and Channing were friends for a while until stuff started disappearing from the Capwell house (and Channing secretly suspected the thief was Warren) - this gives Warren a motive for killing Channing, Kelly meets Joe at the beach - the cops rush in but Joe runs away, Lionel having more dreams about Sophia/Eden that end with a woman screaming, Kelly sleeping - dreaming about Joe, Joe took a surfboard and is out at sea somewhere. NOTE: Also converted a 3-dvd set from eps 42-51 (overlap with tape 1984-8).

Tape 1984-8 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, October 5-16, 1984 - eps #50-57: Joe is missing after running from the police, Warren finally admits to Augusta that he was stealing from the Capwells, Ted/Laken/Jade in school - Ted vows to get back at Mr. Bottoms (their grumpy old teacher) for giving him an F, police find remnants of Joe's clothing in the water and assume he's dead, it turns out that Channing knew Warren was stealing from the Capwells, Lionel sends Eden some admirer notes, Summer gets a job at the SB art museum, Ginger comes back, Augusta thinks Warren killed Channing but Warren tells her he didn't do it, Ted planning a big prank on Mr. Bottoms, Kelly thinks Joe is dead and vows to continue the search for Channing's real killer, Santana tells her family she's seeing CC and Rueben disapproves, Augusta wants to know why Lionel went to Channing's party 5 yrs ago, Gina planning to leave for LA but Summer is staying in SB, Ted asks Mason about the robbery 5 yrs ago - Mason says that the items taken mostly belonged to Sophia, Cruz calls in the CIA from his spy connections, Lionel asks Eden to meet him later at Sophia's grave, Kelly meets up with Joe's father and tells him she doesn't think Joe killed Channing, Kelly meets Dominic, Brandon disappears and everyone starts looking for him, Eden goes to the graveyard - Lionel left some things at Sophia's grave for her and then hides in the shadows, Mason is trying to get in touch with Pamela but can't find her, CC goes to Santana's thinking that maybe she took Brandon, Gina tells Mason that Brandon was adopted and she doesn't know who his parents were but that he was born in Acapulco, Kelly asks Warren about Channing making him nervous, CC comforts Gina while Brandon is missing, Peter finds Brandon asleep in the linen closet and brings him back, someone has picked Joe up - alive - in a rowboat, Danny and Ted steal a camel and put it in Mr. Bottoms' classroom, Santana jealous of Gina because CC has been spending time with her, Peter finds out Brandon was adopted, Joe aboard a boat of some foreign tourists, Mason tells Santana Brandon was adopted, Kelly goes to see Augusta about Joe and Channing's murder, Eden wants to go to work for Capwell Enterprises, Brick Wallace arrives in town - Minx has brought him to SB and hires him to work as her chauffeur, Warren flips out after dropping the stolen coins in front of Summer, Augusta tells Lionel she thinks Warren was involved in Channing's murder, Santana finds out that Brandon is her son and goes to LA to give him a present, Kelly being followed, Eden and Cruz talk - Eden knows Cruz is a spy, Kelly finds out Joe is alive after he escaped from the foreign tourists' boat, Lionel looking into Amanda Lockridge stuff, Dominic overhears CC and Santana talking about Santana's child, Joe and Kelly make love, foreign toruists turn out to be Russian spies who want Joe to work with them, Joe's memorial service about to take place - Kelly brings Jade to see Joe, Amy Perkins shows up for the memorial service, Warren helps Summer move out of the presidential suite and drops one of the stolen coins that Kelly ends up with, Joe tells Kelly that Dominic is really a woman, Joe's memorial service begins. NOTE: Also converted to a 3-dvd set from eps 49-58 (overlap with tapes 1984-7 and 1984-9).

Tape 1984-9 : (2nd generation) 6hrs. quality: very good. Episodes are in English with Swedish subtitles, in Euro format of half-eps w/ no commercials, October 17-26, 1984 - eps #58-65: Joe's memorial service continues, CC breaks up with Santana (after they argue about Brandon) and arranges for Gina and Brandon to leave town, Amy - her boyfriend, Jeff, comes into town and breaks up with her, Kelly goes to see Cruz and tells him that Joe is alive, Kelly and Joe spend the night in the presidential suite, Mason can't find Pamela, Eden goes to meet Lionel again, Mason finds out CC and Santana broke up and goes to see Santana, Peter finds out Kelly is in the presidential suite, Amy is depressed after her boyfriend broke up with her and goes to the bistro and gets drunk - Brick rescues her from some guy hitting on her and takes her home, Pamela calls Mason on her birthday - she is apparently in SB, Lionel tells Eden he loves her and then calls her Sophia - Eden tells him to leave her alone, Eden asks Mason what he remembers about Sophia, Peter watches Kelly in the presidential suite and sees that she is with "someone", Cruz still working as a spy - some Russians are in the area that Cruz is supposed to be looking out for, Peter barges into the pres. suite with a gun looking for Kelly's "new lover", Kelly gives Peter his engagement ring back and begins thinking Peter is dangerous, Mason finds out about Ginger and that money has been disappearing from one of the Capwell bank accounts, Lionel and CC (Charles Bateman now, thank goodness) bump into each other at the property line and "feud", Amy goes to see Brick to thank him for rescuing her at the bar, Lionel begins the salvage operation on the Amanda Lockridge - the family ship that sunk with apparently lots of expensive paintings aboard, Dominic calls Kelly for a meeting, Santana asks Mason to help her find out where Gina is (since CC sent her away and is keeping her whereabouts secret), Cruz goes to see Joe at Kelly's place - Joe tells Cruz about the Russians who picked him up, Mason hires a detective to find Pamela, Mason tells Peter he has 48 hrs to account for all the money he's been taking from the Capwell account (to pay off Ginger) or else he'll be arrested, John goes to see Joe after Marissa tells him Joe is really alive, Mason pumps CC for info on where Gina is , CC doesn't tell Mason where she is but hints that he wouldn't mind if Mason pursued Gina romantically, Warren goes to see Kelly about the coin - she stalls but Joe thinks Warren was involved with Channing's death, Mason finds out Gina is on the French Riveria and tells Santana who makes reservations for France, Ginger wants to kidnap Kelly for ransom after Peter can't get her any more money, Lionel sends Eden more presents, Ted/Laken/Danny/Jade open their motel, Ted and Laken leaning towards having sex, Summer gives Warren the coin back that Kelly had but it's not the same coin - Kelly switched them, Warren blows up at Lionel and tells him it's all his fault that Warren is in this mess, Peter arranges to meet Kelly - for the kidnapping set up - then chickens out and tries to cancel it but Ginger already has Kelly set up for a dress appointment, Kelly is at Ginger's when the thugs show up and grab Kelly and drug her, Peter is about to leave town when Ginger's thug grabs him, Santana makes it to France, Joe gets nervous that Kelly is missing and Sally tells him Kelly went to the dressmaker's - Joe pieces it all together and remembers that Ginger is dangerous, Sally calls Mason to tell him Kelly is missing and Mason figures out it's Ginger, Warren and Summer - Summer tries to get Warren to confide in her, Eden and Lionel meet again and Eden tells him to leave her alone, Ginger calls in a ransom demand to Mason, Peter goes back to his apt and Cruz goes to see Peter to see if Peter knows where Kelly is - Cruz knows about Ginger and his past, Santana "bumps" into Gina and Brandon at the hotel and offers to babysit Brandon while Gina goes out on a date, Ted and Laken were going to spend the night together until Ted found out that Kelly was kidnapped, Brick trying to figure out why Minx brought him to SB, Joe has Cruz arrange a meeting with Dominic at Cruz's houseboat in case Dominic might know anything about Ginger, Ginger asks for Peter to be the go-between to bring the money from the Capwells to her although Ginger is planning to kill Peter and Kelly after she gets the money, Dominic (now Judith McConnell) goes back to Kelly's apt with Joe - Dom leaves to get a disguise so Joe can go out in public and look for Kelly. NOTE: Also converted to a 3-dvd set from eps 55-66 (overlap with tape 1984-8).

Tape SB1-B : (1st generation from Eddie Drueding) 2hrs/SP. Quality: very good, two episodes w/ commercials. May 7, 1985: Eden and Cruz are engaged, after tunnel explosion, Augusta finds out she's blind and calls Julia who comes to town, Gina is pretending she's pregnant - she really is but Mason tricks her into thinking she's not by doctoring her home pregnancy test, Ted and Jackie Parks, Gina taking pills still, CC and Santana have a moment - Santana remembers when Channing was shot, Sophia tells Cruz about when she was in SB at the time of Channing's murder, Mason representing Maggie Gillis in the lawsuit against CC over her husband Ben's injuries, Cruz investigating Channing's murder, Lionel finds out Augusta is blind, Cruz finds out Marcello was in the US at the time of Channing's murder. May 10, 1985: opening of the Orient Express, Kelly and Ted planning to go to the party together, Nick thinks Kelly is in danger and Cruz assigns Maggie to keep an eye on her during the party, Mason sets up his office at the State St. Bistro, Mason won't tell Santana who Lindsey is, Kelly and Eden get ready for the party, everyone arrives at the party, Kelly's assassin is skulking about, CC and Sophia dance at the party, Mason blackmails Gina into sleeping with him to impregnate her, Ted and Laken's new boyfriend fight, Marcello casing the Capwell hotel, Cruz and Eden dance (specially choreographed), the assassin is about to shoot Kelly... NOTE: Also converted to a 2-dvd set.

Tape SB1-D : (2nd generation compiled from 3 Eddie Drueding tapes) 5-6hrs. Quality: good, mostly complete episodes w/ commercials. 3 eps, May 22-24, 1985: episode starts after E&C's wedding disrupted by hotel fire and after Marcello staggers in and collapses announcing hotel on fire, (NOTE: missing ep with Marcello/CC/Kelly in basement - see Tape 1-D3), Christy, Ted, CC, Gina, Gina is pregnant but thinks she's not since Mason tricked her, Santana, Rupert Andradae, Jade, Laken, everyone escapes hotel, Mason and Gina have sex in the ambulance, Nick and Kelly, Jack Stanfield Lee, Amy pregnant, Minx, Augusta blind, Julia remembers finding out that Jack Lee was sleeping with her and Augusta at the same time, Lionel and Frank - Lionel trying to figure out how to get back in Augusta's life, Brick takes Amy to meet his mom and realizes someone is following them, Marcello escapes from police custody at the hospital and goes to see Sophia, Cruz searches Marcello's apartment, Marcello goes to Cruz's houseboat to search for clues and knocks Eden out. partial ep, August 23, 1985: after Christy's trial, episode starts after party prep on Tape 4, but has some scenes that are missing from Tape 4 and Tape 3.1: Theda tells Christy she's mad since Christy said Ted wasn't the rapist and Theda had planned a book deal, celebration party at OE where Eden is trying to get Cruz to spill drink on her, Ted and Laken go skinnydipping, Steve and Christy - she takes some money from his wallet and leaves, then calls Ted to warn him her mom is going to show up at the party - ep cuts out before Eden spills drink (see Tape 4). skips to 2 eps, May 2-3, 1985, before wedding eps: right after tunnel explosion, Eden leaves notes for Cruz all over town, Gina taking pills, Gina reveals that Brandon is Santana's and Channing's son, Nick realizes someone is trying to kill Kelly, the imposter Jack Lee is in town and Kelly saw him (when the real Jack Lee is supposed to be somewhere else) - they are planning to kill Kelly, C&E in the clearing where Eden proposes, C&E get engaged and set wedding date, Marcello and Kelly, Kelly having flashbacks of Peter, Ted finds out that Channing had an affair with a man after finding the tape Mason left for CC, Jackie Parks finds out her husband's plane went down and Ted comforts her, Brick finds out that Jeff - Amy's ex and the supposed father of her baby - was murdered and really was sterile and therefore not the father of the baby, Marcello begins planning to kill CC - wants to kill him on May 20, the same day his parents died in the war (Marcello thinks CC was responsible for their deaths)

Tape SB1-D3 : (1st generation from Mark Marchillo) 5-6 hrs. Quality: mostly good, 2nd half of tape is fuzzy with static interference, some eps are complete w/ commercials. 1 or 2 eps Dec 87: Kirk's return continued (beginning is missing), Kirk kidnaps C&E in the abandoned wherehouse, douses them w/ gasoline, Kirk is arrested, Tori leaves town to get clean. skips back, Feb 85: Kelly and Joe's honeymoon, Eden finds out Sophia is alive, Marcello, Peter kills the hooker, Mason finds out about Hank and Gina. skips to April/May 85, 2 eps: Cruz and Santana trying to trap Channing's killer - run into tunnel and set off explosion, tunnel collapses, Cruz and Santana trapped inside, Gina, Ted and Hank trapped, Lindsey arrives in town, (NOTE: rest of tunnel collapse eps are missing.) skips ahead, wk of May 13, 1985: week before C&E's wedding, Santana finds out about Channing and Lindsey, right after stuff went down after OE opening with the girl who tried to kill Kelly, Kelly and Nick are starting to catch on to Jack Lee, Sophia is trying to figure out what Marcello is up to. skips to May 20 - 21, 1985: C&E's wedding day, Kelly and CC in elevator - Marcello tries to kill CC but Kelly is in the way, fire starts in the basement, Mason and Gina are in a hotel room trying to get Gina pregnant (Mason/Gina scenes are cut in the first episode), CC and Kelly head upstairs to the wedding, Marcello staggers in and announces the hotel is on fire, Cruz starts to plan an escape route. skips ahead, May 30 or 31, 1985: before party to catch Channing's murderer, all of re-enactment plus Brick and Amy scenes after Amy is told her baby died after she gave birth (staticky/electrical interference but better quality than Tape SB1-D2)

Tape SB1-2 : (2nd generation) 5-6hrs. Quality: mostly good, complete eps w/ commercials, some w/o. eps #1-3, July 84: ep #1, 7/30/84, good quality, no commercials; ep #2, most of ep - Peter and Kelly on yacht, Joe is out of prison. ep #4, only half, Joe sees Kelly, Ted and the pigeon. skips ahead, ep 12/19/84: Amanda Lockridge stuff, Lionel and Liz Peale forging stuff, Peter is in the hospital after being shot (?), Eden and Lionel screwing around, Kelly working at La Mesa. next ep 12/20/84: more Amanda Lockridge stuff, Sophia disguised as Dominic, Peter says he didn't see Mason the night of Channing's death, Warren looking for Summer Blake. skips ahead, ep Nov 85: right after plug-pulling ep, Eden at Kirk's, Cruz investigating plug pulling, Brick and Amy's wedding, Nick in the hospital (before Kelly and Dylan in ghost town), ends w/ Cruz asking Eden is she tried to kill CC. skips ahead, ep 12/26/86: This is the Christmas Day episode, but it aired 12/26/86, probably due to a pre-empt on 12/25/86 regarding a plane hijacking. Rest of Gina's It's A Wonderful Life Dream, Julia in the hospital checking to see if she is able to conceive, E&C not together, C&E end up at homeless shelter w/ Capwells cooking dinner for Christmas, Kelly is in Switzerland. skips back, ep Sep 84: first Joe, Cruz, Kelly confused about Peter/Joe, Mason and Veronica, Ted in Hollywood

Tape SB2 : (master) 5hrs (2hrs of SB). quality: very good. Movie: The Private Eyes (w/Don Knotts and Tim Conway) taped from HBO; Movie: Eddie and the Cruisers – taped from HBO; NH Channel 9 News: clips from the news about Challenger explosion 1986, interviews at Pembroke Elementary, NH; complete ep w/ commercials, 3/11/1989: Cruz in Paris - arrives at Ric's and sees Eden with Charisse, Ric and Kelly (Carrington Garland), Mason and Julia’s rehearsal dinner party with Augusta, Greg, Megan, Emily; Gina, Vanessa, Bunny, Gina pretending to sing at the Lair, CC has a heart attack; complete ep w/ commercials, 3/12/1989: Mason and Julia’s wedding day Mason dreams of their wedding, CC has a heart attack (continued from yesterday), Scott and Celeste, E+C in Paris - Cruz finds Eden at Ric's and she tells him she believes Charisse is Adriana, E&C get ready for a night out together, Heather pregnant, Mason and Julia postpone wedding (this stuff continues to Tape 36)

Tape SB4 : (master), 6hrs. quality: very good although sometimes the music is a little warped-sounding (thanks to a shitty vcr we had..) mostly random edits of E&C beginning June 1985. misc edits including: flashbacks to The Change In Me, clips from E&C's houseboat, lobster dinner on boat, Ted/Laken clips - engaged after Christy’s trial, some Mary/Mason clips, some Brick and Amy stuff, some Kelly/Nick/Dylan/Sam stuff, clip where Mason tells CC Channing was not his son, CC in coma, E&C fighting over Kirk, funny scene with Julia and Kirk where Julia pours a drink on Kirk, clips of Cruz showing Eden the new beachhouse, part of party episode where E&C arrive at Orient Express and dance to Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr singing (Halloween 85), Gina (Linda Gibboney) planning to kill CC; out of sequence episode: from 86, almost complete (beg missing) w/ commercials, Kelly arrives at sanitarium after Dylan is killed, Mary has just been raped by Mark and calls Mother Isabel but has not told Mason yet, Eden running from Kirk (2nd Kirk) at Aqualand (before the shark tank) - this episode rocks; about 15 mins of some afterschool special; back to 85 edits/some commercials: post-plug pulling stuff, E&C fighting, Kirk trying to convince Eden that she should marry him, Cruz wrecks the beach house, Cruz remembers the proposal in the field, Sophia and Lionel trapped in the mountains in a fire, E&K leave to get married, beginning of 12/30/85 where Eden tries to catch the blackmailer at the cemetery; misc non-SB stuff at end of tape

Tape SB5 : (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent - mostly complete episodes w/ commercials. Feb 17, 1989, teaser cut: Cruz and Sandra - after Adriana is kidnapped (while Eden is in Paris), Wanda filming stuff, Ted, part of Sonny and Gina's wedding (follows pre-wedding clips from Tape 32; for rest of wedding/Sonny shot - see Tape 34); next ep 3/2/89 inc - about 35 min w/ CM, 3/3/89 teaser cut (follows stuff on Tape 34) - Mason and Julia's weekend after Sonny dies, Sondra tries to find Adriana, CC retires, TJ questioned for Katerne's murder, Bunny and Gina on an island together, Capwell party - M&J together for CC's retirement (next episode missing); skips to a few clips/edits: C&E flashbacks, Cruz edits, skips to 3/24/89, 3/27/89 inc, 3/29/89: Eden in Paris (back after hiatus), Kelly (Carrington Garland), Laura and Ethan arrive, Megan arrives to help CC write his memoirs, Brandon finds out he's adopted and temporarily runs away, Vanessa arrives - stuff with her and Bunny, someone (i.e. Kirk) is stalking Sandra and kidnaps her, Celeste in the hospital with pneumonia, Tea Leoni temporarily playing Lisa, Eden and Kelly in Paris at Ric's - find Adriana then return to SB, Eden comes home to Cruz in a box, Scott/Celeste/Heather love triangle - Scott trying to decide between Heather and Celeste, skips to clips from the Oscars, back to SB - 3/30/89 part 1: Scott and Heather break up so that Scott can resolve his past with Celeste, Mason and Julia - Brandon staying with them, E&C in SB - Sondra sees them together, Julia's father dies, Bunny/Vanessa/Gina (episode continue on Tape 35)

Tape SB6 : (master) 6hrs (~1-2 hrs of SB), quality: very good. Magnum PI – series finale – “Resolutions” – 2 hrs – taped from syndication (1988?); short clip: of E+C playing with a tent – 1989 or 1990; Music videos – taped from MTV 1985 – 3 videos; short clip: Nov 1985 – Eden after the plug pulling, comes to give Cruz his ring back at the houseboat; Clip from Laverne & Shirley – Laverne sings with Lenny (silly stuff); Fall Guy – song & very beginning is missing – taped from ABC, w/ commercials, Halloween 1985 – episode with Elvira, escaped mental patient, old haunted house and murder mystery; More videos – 2; Barbara Walters special – late 1985 – beginning is cut, rest of the episode is complete with commercials – guests are Cybil Shepard, Angela Lansbury, and Michael J. Fox; Another video; Clip from Gimme a Break; Golden Girls theme; More videos – 6 or 7; almost complete ep w/ commercials, very beginning is missing: 12/24/85 - Christmas Eve 1985 - Cruz and Santana are looking for Gina who has kidnapped Brandon, Lockridges, Eden and Kirk are married, Kirk is sending Eden blackmail notes, Mason is extremely grumpy about Christmas, Janice is being stalked, Mason starts his Scrooge dream; partial ep, no commercials: 12/25/85, Christmas Day 1985 – more of Mason’s Scrooge dream - ending of dream is cut off

Tape SB7 : (master) 6hrs (~4hrs of SB), quality: very good. partial ep, clips only: 12/25/85 cont. Christmas Day, 1985 continued, scenes missing in between end of Tape 6 and here -- picks up after Mason’s Scrooge dream, rest of Christmas, Mason plays Santa at the clinic, Eden opens the "gift" that Kirk secretly sent her with a blackmail note. Brick and Amy - Brick looking into his past since he found out his dad isn't his real father. 30min of The Insiders taped from ABC – about half of the episode, w/ commercials - Stoney Jackson, the guy who played Paul (the cop who dates Alice) on SB was on this show; edits, 12/26/85: Mason and Mary stuff, they are dreaming of each other, Mark, Cruz and Santana looking for Gina and Brandon, Dylan and Janice - Dylan planning to throw an engagement part for Kelly and Nick, Mason is considering proposing to Mary; Videos – 6 or 7, part of a Madonna interview; edits: 12/30/85, beginning of this episode is at the end of Tape 4 - Eden tried to catch the blackmailer at the cemetery, Kelly has been trapped by Dylan on the oil rig, engaged to Nick, Sophia and Ted, Brick and Amy, Brick trying to find out the truth about his past, Brick confronts Minx about switching he and Channing at birth, Eden and Kirk, Eden is being blackmailed (by Kirk); Part of a Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton concert; edits/some commercials: 12/31/85, New Year’s Eve, Brick finds out he is really Channing, Gina (Robin Mattson) has kidnapped Brandon, Cruz and Santana searching for Gina, Eden and Kirk, Nick and Kelly, Dylan and Janice; More videos from MTV and Barry Manilow on New Year’s Rockin Eve; partial ep w/ commercials, some fuzzy picture: 1/3/86, Eden and Kirk, Mason, Mark and Mary, Cruz and Santana find Gina, Gina and Santana have a catfight, Kirk is terrorizing Eden but she doesn’t know it’s him, Eden starts to write letters to Cruz; Misc stuff – star search clip; partial ep w/ commercials: January 7, 1986, Gina is back in town, Pearl is following Kirk, Kirk pretends he beat up the blackmailer, Mason, Gina, Janice - the guy who is stalking Janice is the husband of the woman who died because of Mark's negligence, Cruz and Santana, Mary and Mark; misc stuff at the end of the tape

Tape SB7.1: (first generation from Mark Marchillo) 6hrs, quality: good/very good. Some commercials but most edited out. Fri, 1/17/86: CC awake in his room, Mason having a dinner party, Cruz and Santana fooling around - about to make love but Cruz stops, Kelly confused about Nick and Dylan - says she is going to NY to think, Nick is pissed and goes to find Dylan, Lionel and Augusta getting divorced, Cruz leaves Santana at his house to go find Nick, CC knocks out the guard Mason posted at his room and goes downstairs, Nick thinks something is going on between Kelly and Dylan (Kelly postponed her wedding with Nick), Cruz and Nick go to the Capwell house to see Kelly, Mason's dinner party - he has a bold proposal to quadruple Capwell Enterprises profits but it involves him becoming President and Ted is the deciding vote, Cruz and Santana begin to make love, Ted votes in Mason's favor and Mason declares himself Chief Operating Officer, Kelly and Eden are pissed - everyone leaves Mason alone and he toasts himself as CC walks in. Mon 1/20/86: Mason's toast replays and CC enters, Nick and Dylan at the Capwell house fighting over Kelly who admits she cares for both of them, Mason tells CC he is the new COO, Mason assumes CC has gotten better to come back for revenge, Mason tells CC he's sorry for what he did and that he never wanted CC to die, Gina enters - she knew CC was better and at CC's orders helped him prepare for his grand entrance, CC says he wants to see his family, Nick is pissed and leaves the house, Ted sees CC, Cruz and Santana make love, Kelly upset and Sophia trying to console her, Kelly leaves the house to find Nick and Dylan - in the gazebo, CC declares Mason's deal null and void and says he is going to his room and will see each of them one at a time, Ted, Kelly and Kirk see CC, Mason preparing for CC's revenge, Cruz arrives to see CC and asks if he knows who tried to kill him. skips ahead to mid Feb, 86, should be Fri, 2/14/86: Mason and Mary at the OE, Mark and Janice - Mark trying to get a divorce so he can propose to Mary, Kirk goes to a motel looking for C&E - he thinks they are having an affair, Angel is hiding at the motel because he ratted out some crime group and they are threatening to kill him if he testifies tomorrow, Hayley starts at the Capwell house and Ted walks in on her getting dressed - he met her on the beach last week, Mason gets mary to dance with him at the OE which makes Mark jealous, someone takes a shot at Angel while Cruz and Pearl are hanging out with him, Cruz calls a press conference in the motel room and says that Angel was shot and killed, Cruz goes to the morgue but it's Pearl on the slab, Kirk is livid - he's "positive" C&E are having an affair - goes to the study to get a gun, Pearl is alive and well but has to stay overnight in the morgue so there is a body there and everyone will think Angel is dead so that he can safely testify tomorrow, Pearl says Cruz saved his life by pushing him out of the way of the bullet and says he's going to repay Cruz with Eden, Kirk gets angry with Eden because she was out without telling him where she went - he is about to shoot her but doesn't and pockets the gun. missing one ep (see Tape 9), skips to Tue, 2/18/86: includes a couple scenes missing from Tape 9 - Pearl and Julia at the cabin, Pearl can't get the propane on, Augusta is trying to get the paintings (which she doesn't know are forgeries) in the divorce, Warren is broke - has gambled his money away, Pearl and Julia betting on whether or not C&E will show, Cruz shows up and finds them messing around with his car, Kirk goes to Cruz's and breaks in, Eden shows up at the cabin and meanwhile Mark and Mary are on their way there, Cruz tells Eden Pearl set them up and she runs off and Cruz follows. 2/19/86: CC and Augusta at the casino, Mark and Mary get to the cabin, E+C riding horses. 2 episodes missing - skips to 2/24/86: not sure if this ep is complete, but it's on tape 9-2 as well. Cabin just exploded, paramedics take E&C and M&M to the hospital. skips to 2/28/86: Mark and Mary's wedding in the hospital, Kirk trying to convince Gina that Eden knows Gina is the one who pulled the plug, CC tells Santana she can have Brandon if she marries, Mason comforts Mary while Mark is in surgery, Eden leaving for Hawaii. skips back in time to Dec 1985, ep w/ CM: excellent quality! Kelly and Dylan at the ghost town, Cruz in CC's room - takes the pink slip of cloth from the whindow, Pearl steals Kirk's shoe from his apartment and overhears Kirk and Eden saying she did it, Eden goes to Cruz's to give him the ring back, Cruz goes to the bus station to get a locker to hide the evidence, Kelly and Dylan - the motorcyclists are on the horizon...

Tape SB9 : (master) 6hrs (~4hrs of SB), quality: very good. short clip: Feb 1986 – Eden married to Kirk and remembering her and Cruz while CC is in coma; The Love Boat – 2 hr special – 1985 - trip to Egypt (commercials are edited out) taped from ABC; Clips from Days of our Lives – Melissa and Pete’s wedding; edits: 2/17/1986 – clips only, Pearl wakes up in the morgue, Mason/Mary/Mark, Pearl and Julia, Eden is starting to suspect Kirk, Mark proposes to Mary, Mark sends Mason a box of rats, Kirk finds the letters Eden has been writing to Cruz, Gina and Hayley, Pearl and Julia conspire to get E+C together at the cabin, CC is out of his coma (Jed Allan); More of the DAYS wedding; edits, some quality is slightly fuzzy: 2/18/1986 - incomplete - missing casino scenes, E&C go to the cabin after Pearl has tricked them, Mary and Mark go to the cabin, Kirk’s getting really pissed; almost whole episode w/ commercials: 2/19/86 - end missing, CC and Augusta at the casino, Mark and Mary get to the cabin, E+C riding horses; almost whole episode w/ commercials, picture slightly fuzzy: 2/20/86, E+C at cabin meet Mary and Mark, Kirk follows them to the cabin, casino, Kirk is lurking outside cabin (this is the episode where Kirk blows up the cabin but the end is missing because of channel blackout); episode way out of sequence – 1990: Gina, Phyllis, Augusta (Tonell’s wife), Mason (Terry Lester), Kelly, Sophia, Ethan, Julia, Eden and Robert Barr

Tape 9-2: (second generation, compiled from 3 Eddie Drueding tapes) 5hrs. quality: good/very good. ep #1, Wed, 2/19/86. CC and Augusta at the casino, Mark and Mary get to the cabin, E+C riding horses. ep #2, Fri, 2/21/86: (episode missing - see Tape 9) Kirk goes to the cabin, casino stuff, Kirk sees E&C together while Eden is in the bathtub, Kirk turns the propane on, Mark pressuring Mary to marry him, cabin explodes. ep #3, Mon 2/24/86: Cabin just exploded, Mark and Eden hurt in the explosion, Mason angry with CC for sending Mary off with Mark, Kirk calls an ambulance, the paramedics arrive to take everyone to the hospital and Mark convinces Mary to wear his ring, Brick, Amy, Dylan, Nick, and Kelly stuff at the casino. ep #4, Tues, 2/25/86: at the hospital - Mark is "close to death", Kirk accuses Eden of having an affair with Cruz, Eden tells Cruz she and Kirk are going to try to have a baby, Mary tells Eden she plans to marry Mark if he pulls through surgery. skips to Fri, 2/28/86: Mary and Mark get married in the hospital, Kirk trying to convince Gina that Eden knows Gina is the one who pulled the plug, CC tells Santana she can have Brandon if she marries, Mason comforts Mary while Mark is in surgery, Eden leaving for Hawaii.

Tape SB10 : (master) 6hrs, quality: good to very good - the first episode is a little fuzzy. mostly complete episodes with commercials except for a few partial eps, 1986. ep#1, Wed, 3/12/86: Mason and Santana about to marry, Courtney and Madeline arrive in town, CC (Jed Allan) alive and well, Cruz remembering Eden to "Turn out the Lights", Cruz tries to convince Santana to marry him instead, Santana finally agrees, Eden returns from Hawaii and plans to leave Kirk. ep #2, Thurs, 3/13/86: Gina (Robin Mattson) and Kirk planning to kill Eden in the boathouse, Kirk trying to convince Gina that Eden knows she pulled the plug on CC and is planning to go the the police, Cruz/Santana, Kelly/Dylan, Eden goes to Cruz's house to tell him she loves him (NOTE: two eps where C&E actually talk and Cruz tells her she is pregnant with Kirk's child are NOT on this tape); ep 3-4, 3/18-19/86: Eden is lured to the boathouse by Gina, Gina tries to kill Eden in the boathouse, Gina falls into the water and Eden collapses and drives to the hospital but crashes, Cruz and Santana marry, Hayley/Ted, Mary and Mark are fighting (Mark is impotent); ep 5, 3/20/86 (edited w/ no commercials): Eden in the hospital after car crash, loses the baby, Kirk finds out Eden was pregnant, Cruz arrives at the hospital, Eden remembers that Gina tried to kill her and suspects Kirk, Dylan's casino, Pearl/Courtney, Gina's body washes ashore; clip: Gina rises up out of the bathtub and scares Kirk (which causes his heart attack); clips: part of Gina's funeral when she is presumed dead, Hayley, Kirk is airlifted to Stanford for heart transplant; part of 4/11/86: after Madeline's death w/ David Laurent arriving in town, Dylan proposes to Kelly, Halley's Comet comes closest to earth - Lionel on the beach with a telescope, Pearl and Courtney go see Cruz - Courtney accuses David of killing Madeline, Mary and Mark fight after Mary found out Mark has been sleeping with prostitutes, Mary and Mason kiss; last ep on tape: E&C go to the boathouse to re-enact what happened to her the night Gina tried to kill her, they begin to suspect Kirk, Mason and Julia dance at the OE, Pearl/Courtney, David Laurent is arrested, Warren holds up Sophia/Brick/Amy

Tape SB11 : (master), 6hrs, quality: very good. mostly clips and edits or partial episodes, summer through Dec 1986. Some of the edits are on the tape twice and it's a little annoying... Cruz and Santana married, after Kirk's arrest so Eden is hitting on Cruz, Santana hooked on coacaine pills, Keith and Santana fooling around, Pearl and Kelly in the sanitarium, July 4th clips - fireworks, E&C dancing, Julia arrested for drunk driving, Eden in hospital - Santana hit her with her car (Gina and Eden tried to set a trap to prove Keith and Santana were having an affair), funny scene with Eden and Gina in the hospital, Keith and Gina get together, Keith finds pills in Santana's jewelry box, Santana in hospital (after trying to kill herself/her arrest), brief clip of Santana holding Eden at gunpoint, C&E get back together on the beach (on the tape twice), C&E in the beach house - crab dinner, cherries jubilee, Eden finds the wings pin, Tori arrives in town, Tori and Cruz flashbacks, Pearl/Tori/Alice stuff, funny scene with Kelly and Pearl right before Kelly leaves town for Switzerland and Pearl sings to her, C&E at the chateau, Gina blackmailing CC with the tape that clears Kelly, Gina & CC supposed to be married - CC at church, Lily Light, Air Supply performing, CC and Spohia flashbacks, Gina got stuck in the pig sty and hitches a ride to SB in her wedding dress, CC&S leave church and are about to be married when Gina arrives

Tape SB11-1 : (1st generation from Robert Villa), 1.5hrs in SP, quality: very good/excellent. Commercials edited out, about 2-3 eps, Aug/Sept 1986: Pearl and Courtney in Boston at a church to see if Pearl's brother Brian is buried behind the wall in the basement, Santana in the hospital after her nervous breakdown from the cocaine - after shooting Gina, Lily in town - newly arrived - trying to close down the casino and her followers are harassing Brick and Amy, Keith in town - trying to get back at Cruz, Nick befriends Santana, Gina and Lily - Lily out to get Gina but we don't know why yet, Eden and Cruz - crab dinner, Amy scared of Lily's followers, Paul took Alice back to the sanitarium but suspects Dr. Rawlings, Pearl starts to break through the wall when Rawlings shows up with a gun, next ep - Hayley and Ted at KUSB radio station, Keith and Gina fooling around, Brick goes on the radio to publicly accuse Lily of harassing him, Keith drops additional charges against Santana (for shooting Gina) after Lily threatens to publicly back Santana's claim that Gina got her hooked on drugs, Keith goes to see his dying grandmother and we find out about Katie and that Keith thinks Cruz is responsible for her death, Paul and Cruz learn Dr. Rawlings is in Boston, Keith drops all charges against Santana, Pearl gets the upper hand on Rawlings and makes Rawlings knock the wall down, Ted and Hayley kind of dating, Lily secretly smoking and drinking, Keith's cat :), Keith and Cruz clash - Keith dropped the charges against Santana because Cruz was getting close to finding out the Keith played a part in Santana's drug problem, Pearl breaks through the wall and discovers that Brian escaped and is alive, next ep - Pearl goes back to the sanitarium, Dr. Rawlings is arrested, Keith pretends that Gina is his fiance for his grandmother on her death bed, Keith still has the earring that Katie wore the day she drowned

Tape SB11-2 :(1st generation from Robert Villa), 2 hrs in SP, quality: very good/excellent. Commercials edited out, some scenes cut, about 2-3 eps, Aug/Sept 1986: after Lily's followers threw cans at Buzz's place and set it on fire (those scenes not on this tape), Eden pestering Cruz about what happened 5 years ago (ie Katie's drowning), Keith bugging Cruz's house to see if he can find out where Kelly is (hiding out in Europe), Ted and Hayley, Keith trying to get Cruz fired because he wants revenge for Katie, Mason and Lily - Gina and Lily still at each other's throats, Cruz finds out that Amy died in the fire, Eden slips and tells Cruz where Kelly is - Europe, Gina takes Hayley out of the Capwell guest house where Lily is staying, Cruz and Eden go tell Brick about Amy, Ted finds Hayley and tells her Amy is dead, skips ahead - Keith questioning Cruz about Kelly, Brick and Johnny - Lionel goes to see Brick, police want to take Lily in for questioning, CC and Sophia - angry at Mason, Lily was protesting at Buzz's because of the ferry service to the casino, Mason disappeared after Mary's death - found Lily who "saved" him, Keith threatens to search Cruz's house if Cruz doesn't admit he knows where Kelly is, rest of this episode missing --- Hayley and Ted, Mason representing Lily, Lily's followers had been harassing Amy and Brick to get Brick to quit working at the casino, Pearl and Cruz talking about Kelly and Tori Lane, Keith gets a subpoena for Cruz's phone records, next ep - Hayley goes to see Lily - Lily plans to go to Amy's memorial service, Jane and Ted talking about Hayley, Tori goes to Cruz's house but Pearl is there, Pearl wants to know about Tori and Cruz, Cruz goes to see CC to warn him about Keith so he can move Kelly, Keith shows up at CC's with a subpoena for his phone records also, Ted goes to see CC -- Ted wants CC's help to get Hayley out of town, CC gets angry at Ted, Hayley decides to turn herself in, CC tells Lily to get off the property, Mason refuses to throw her out so CC kicks them both out, Tori and Cruz talk - Tori tells Cruz she's staying in SB, Cruz brings Keith his phone records and Keith tells Cruz he's on to him, Brick remembers Amy, Pearl takes Tori for a drive, Tori remembers some stuff about Katie, skips to --- Hayley and Ted, Hayley tries to get Ted to not lie, Santana goes to see Angel, wants Angel to admit he sold the cocaine to Gina, Gina doesn't know "who" Lily is, Lily and Mason, Ted starts to give his statement but stops, Keith warns Tori to stay away from Cruz because he's taking Cruz down, Gina planning to marry CC, Angel goes to Gina to tell her about Santana, Lily tells Mason she's not genuine and they kiss

Tape SB12 :(2nd generation from Mark Marchillo), 6hrs, quality: good. Mostly clips/commercials cut. Late June 85: before Christy's rape, Mary comes to town and meets Mason for the first time, Steve and Christy, Nick and Kelly in the ghost town, Julia and Jack Lee. skips to, Oct 85: Eden and Kirk working together, Gina planning to kill CC, Mary is held hostage by Angel at the clinic, Cruz gets his badge back, Eden planning the party. skips to, June 87: Elena and Cruz working together, Mason getting calls from the Indian saying that Eden is alive, Alex working on his serum. skips to, Oct 85: Gina getting ready for the plug pulling - setting it up to look like Eden, Eden and Cruz fighting over Kirk, Mason and Mary st the beach, Mary gets a pearl in her oyster and she Mason kiss, Mason delivers Mary a dress to wear at the party, Nick / Dylan / Sam stuff. skips to, Oct 85: Eden having dreams about CC dying, Gina getting ready for the night she plans to kill CC, Mason sends Mary in a limo, Cruz about to take Eden to see the new house. skips to, Oct/Nov 85: last part of plug-pulling episode (beginning of this ep on Tape 16-3), Gina remembers pulling the plug, Kirk taking Eden out of the room, Gina going out the window. next ep, Nov 85: Eden wakes up and finds out what happened, Cruz finds part of Eden's dress and hides the evidence, Sophia covers for Eden. skips to, Nov 85: Eden at Kirk's, Cruz investigating, Brick and Amy's wedding, Kelly /Dylan / Sam right before ghost town. skips to, Nov 85: Cruz investigating, Kelly and Dylan at the ghost town trying to get away from Carlos' men, Eden and Kirk, Cruz gets a shoe print from below CC's window, Mark comes to town, Mary gets mad at Mason (more post plug-pulling on Tape 13 / Tape 4-2)

Tape SB13-1 : (second generation), 6 hrs of SB, quality: mostly good, some stuff has commercials, some commercials cut out. 1 ep, Nov 85: (this ep is a little fuzzy) after plug pulling, Cruz investigating , Kirk and Eden, Mason and Mary fighting over Mary telling Cruz she saw Eden at the scene, Pearl breaks into Kirk's apt to steal his shoe (this stuff continues on Tape 4.2) skips to 1 ep, early 86: after cabin explosion, Mark and Mary get married in the hospital, Cruz and Eden suspecting Kirk and Gina, they suspect Gina pulled the plug, Kirk tells Gina that Eden knows and tries to convince Gina of this (so she will help him kill Eden in the boathouse), CC tries to get Santana to marry Cruz to get him out of Eden's life, Eden leaves for Hawaii to hide out for a while. skips to 4 or 5 eps, May/June 86: (this stuff is some of the best Santa Barbara ever....) 2nd Kirk, Mason goes to the convent to see Mary - she is there to contemplate her marriage to Mark, Gina is presumed dead (after trying to kill Eden in the boathouse and falling into the water) - turns up in Mexico, Kelly having problems with Dylan, Kirk bugging the cabana where Eden and Cruz are pretending to have an affair to provoke Kirk, Gina pretending to have amnesia, Kirk brings Santana to the cabana to show her that C&E are having an affair, Santana finds out C&E are just pretending because they think Kirk is dangerous, Dylan insane, Mason and Mary get back together and rendezvous in the tent and make love, Kelly arranges to meet Nick in the Capwell hotel by sending him coded messages, Dylan intercepts the coded messages and tracks Kelly to the presidential suite and threatens to kill Nick, Mason and Maray return to SB after their weekend, Mary and Mark fight, Mason proposes to Mary, Mary goes to see Mark again and Mark rapes her, Dylan has a gun on Kelly and plans to kill Nick when Nick makes it to the room - Kelly pushes Dylan out of the window in self-defense - Gina was knocking on the door and Kelly thought it was Nick, Gina enters after Kelly pushes Dylan out of the window, Gina takes the gun thinking she's protecting Kelly and that Kelly meant to kill Dylan, Gina hides in the closet when the cops come up and discovers the surveillance (that Cruz had set up to catch Gina pretending to have amnesia), Gina takes the tape to protect Kelly, Kirk harassing Hayley - trying to find Gina because she knows it was Kirk that was trying to kill Eden at the boathouse, Kirk finds out where Eden is - up the coast hiding out - and he takes off to track her down, Gina also finds out where Eden is and gets to her first - tells her it was Kirk who tried to kill her, Kelly is in shock after Dylan's death and doesn't remember what happened - confuses the situation with Joe and Peter and keeps repeating that "Peter" had a gun even though no gun was found at the scene, Kelly is arrested (this stuff continues to Tape 13-2)

Tape SB13-2 : (second generation), 6 hrs of SB, quality: mostly good, some stuff has commercials, some commercials cut out. partial ep, follows the end of 13-1, June 86: Gina gives Eden the tape of Kirk confessing - proves that Kirk tried to kill her, Eden finds out it was Gina that pulled the plug and Kirk that was blackmailing her, Mary tells Mother Isabel that Mark raped her, Kelly taken to the sanitarium (ep cuts out - the next morning is on Tape 13-2.1) skips to mid-July 86: (crappy quality-clips only) Mary pregnant - pressing charges against Mark for rape because Mason wants to, Mary upset - goes to the roof of the Capwell hotel, Keith comes to town, Mary dies, Mason distraught (Mary's death also on Tape 11-3 / Tape 16-6) skips to April, 87, 1 or 2 eps: Eden and Cruz about to be married in Utah, Eden leaves to catch her plane, Elena getting ready to meet Eden, Pearl and Jane investigating the pillowcase rapist against Cruz's wishes, Hayley having nightmares about the rapist, Ted and Lucy at KUSB, Eden picks up Elena hitchhiking, Elena pulls a gun on Eden and forces her to pull over, Elena knocks Eden out and rolls her off the hill, Kelly/Jeffery (some scenes cut), Cruz waiting to hear about Eden's plane, Elena pretends to be Eden and goes to several places on her way to the private plane, Eden wakes up in the snow and starts to walk off but can't really see in the sun and the snow, a mysterious man (Cain) is following her through the snow, Gina/Keith/Alex, we learn Ken - the bartender at Johnny's - is the rapist, he finds out Pearl and Jane are investigating and breaks into Pearl's apt where Jane is staying, Ken attacks Jane and Jane grabs the stocking off his head and sees his face, Cruz having bad dreams about Eden, Elena goes to rent the plane posing as Eden, Eden wandering in the snow - slips down a hill and rolls down hitting a tree with her back, Cruz can't get a hold of Eden, Elena rigs the plane (with Eden's belongings) to explode and parachutes out (this stuff continues on Tape 13-5) skips ahead, late April or May 87: Eden in the cabin - talking, Cruz in mourning, Tori finds out that her baby will inherit Capwell money, Lucy tries to kill herself at the Capwell hotel roof but Cruz talks her out of it, Eden imagines herself paralyzed with Cruz if she were to go home. skips to late Sep 88, whole episode: Eden's rape - Cruz leaves the house to go catch Critter - some kid that has been harassing Eden at the station, Eden is in the house when the power goes out, rapist comes in and attacks her. skips to June 86: beginning of ep missing - Aqualand, (this ep is after ep on Tape 4 / same ep as on Tape 13-2.1 but this one has a few extra scenes that are edited out on 13-2.1) - Cruz on his way to the cliff house where Eden was hiding out, Mason and Mary after rape, Mary hasn't told Mason what happened yet, Kelly in the sanitarium, Kirk ready to throw Eden to the sharks, Kelly flips out on Nick when she realizes he's not Joe, Dr. Rawlings comes in to see Kelly, Dr. Rawlings accuses Justin of unprofessional conduct since he was a friend to Kelly but didn't tell her he was a psych resident (and was taping their "sessions"), Dr. Rawlings orders Justin to stay away from Kelly, Mason goes to see Mark at the Orient Express and Mark tells him he's no longer impotent, Eden gets away from Kirk at the shark tank and Kirk chases her through Aqualand, Cruz makes it up to the cliff house and discovers Eden isn't there, Kirk gets Eden again and ties her hands, DA Patterson goes to see Justin after Dr. Rawlings ratted him out, it's DA Patterson's last day before the new DA takes office, Mary packing - plans to leave town to stay with Sophia for a few days, Ted and Hayley make it to the cliff house and realize that Gina was there as well, Kirk throws Eden into the shark tank, Cruz attacks Kirk but Kirk pulls a gun, Cruz dives into the shark tank after Eden (end of ep cuts off - this stuff continues to very end of Tape 13-2.1, then to 13-2.2) skips to May/June 87: Eden in cabin, Cruz is trying to find out what Elena's hiding - she's talking in her sleep, Cain keeping Eden a prisoner, it comes out that Alex is Elena's father

Tape SB13-4.2 : (1st generation from Robert Villa), 6 hrs of SB, quality: Very good, some stuff has commercials, some commercials cut out. Feb/Mar 87: (same ep as on Tape 13-4) Capwells were pretending CC was dead to get the family together to see Kelly, K&J on the run, Keith arrests Cruz for trying to help Kelly escape (some scenes cut), K&J escape and hijack a tour bus then make it to the college, Julia and Tori pregnant, Mason planning to propose to Tori. skips ahead: Cruz out of jail, Julia finds out that Mason and Tori are going to get married and tells Eden, Cruz out but Keith is following him, Mason and Tori planning to announce their engagement, CC&S know that Tori is pregnant, Gina embezzling money from CC but CC&S are setting her up, Gina finds out Mason and Tori are getting married, Eden tells Cruz about Mason and Tori, K&J still hiding out at the college, Mason tries to get Tori to marry him now instead of waiting, Hayley and Ted, Tori doesn't want to go through with the quickie wedding - she wants a real one, Jane / Caroline/ Lionel - Lionel mad at Caroline for leaving Alice in the sanitarium all those years, K&J in the sensory tanks dreaming of each other (this is the last wk in Feb), E&C dress up as security guards at the college, K&J dream and then wake up and kiss, Lionel / Gus / Alice. skips to: Mason and Tori's fake wedding (so the family can see Kelly - this ep is also on Tape 14), Mason sees Kelly, Kelly and Sophia see each other, Julia upset that Mason is getting married, family sees Kelly, Julia finds out it's a fake wedding and thinks Mason's not getting married at all, lights go out and K&J escape, Julia learns Mason and Tori are really getting married - Mason doesn't know she's pregnant. skips to: Mason and Tori's real wedding, Hayley and Ted getting closer, C&E have cops guarding them - Cruz punches them out and they run for it, K&J feeding each other strawberries - they kiss and Pearl walks in, Brick and Santana - Brick had a fight with Hayley because he blames her for Amy's death, Tori having stomach pains, Keith has K&J surrounded - Kelly surrenders but Jeffrey gets shot (some scenes cut), CC&S catch Gina hacking into CC's bank account but then hear that Kelly's been arrested, Mason and Tori go to the hospital to make sure Tori is ok, Jeffrey in the hospital after being shot, Hayley leaves the courthouse to go to Johnny's, Jake is there and drunk - he gets rough with Hayley and Brick steps in and gets Jake off of her and throws him out, Brick and Hayley have a moment, Sophia visits Jeffrey in the hospital - Jeffrey has Pamela's ring, Kelly notices Mason has a ring like Jeffrey's, Keith arrests Gina based on CC's evidence that she embezzled money from him, Brick and Hayley make amends and she leaves Johnny's while Jake is drunk on the pier, Capwells confront Gina but she refuses to give up the tape that clears Kelly, Mason goes home to Tori and she tells him they can't make love because of complications with the pregnancy, Gina gets the cell across from Kelly, Hayley walking on the pier/beach and someone is following her and attacks her (this cuts out right as the guy grabs her). skips to: next day (stuff with Hayley on the beach and Julia finding her is missing) - Gina finds out Hayley was raped, Jeffrey sends Kelly a letter in jail - admits he's in town for some reason, Keith sends CC a subpoena - plans to pin the aiding and abetting on Jeffrey, Hayley at the Capwell house after the rape, Ted planning to get even with the rapist, Mason considering pinning the aid/abet charges on Jeffrey to save CC, Ted doesn't want Hayley to press charges, Mason and Jeffrey fight after Jeffrey finds out he'll be charged, Mason feels bad for setting up Jeffrey, Gina gets ahold of some rubbing alcohol and dumps it out and fills it with water - then pretends to try to kill herself. skips to: Gina in the hospital after fake suicide attempt, CC and Keith find out Gina faked it. skips to: Gina snuck out of the hospital and goes to visit Hayley, Cruz gets offered his job back since CC pulled some strings, Ted thinks Jake is the rapist, Cruz gets his badge back, Ted planning to kick Jake's ass, Gina hands over the tape, Jeffrey's pissed at Kelly - he thinks she was behind letting him take the fall, Jeffrey in jail now, Hayley goes to C&E to give a statement, K&J fight, CC kicks Gina out of the house, Kelly fights with CC and then bails out Jeffrey, Mason and CC have suspicions about Jeffrey. skips to: (Cruz came into the stables and caught Ted beating up Jake) Jake escaped and went to Johnny's, then went to the Capwell house - Jake confronts Hayley in her bedroom, Kelly took Jeffrey away for a nice dinner and tries to seduce him, Jake gets arrested, Jeffrey tells Kelly they shouldn't see each other anymore

Tape SB13-4.3 : (1st generation from Robert Villa), 6 hrs of SB, quality: Very good, some stuff has commercials, some commercials cut out. March/April 87: CC trying to persuade a judge to drop charges against Kelly and Jeffery, Jake is under suspicion for Hayley's rape - a bag lady is supposedly his alibi (Jake says he was drunk on the beach with her), Eden dresses up like a homeless woman to gain the bag lady's trust and get her statement, Julia representing Jake - Ted pissed, Julia planning to buy the house next to Cruz's beach house, C&E find out Julia is pregnant but Julia doesn't want anyone to know, Jake passes a polygraph swearing he didn't rape Hayley, Lionel/Caroline/Warren stuff, the bag lady skips town when she finds out Cruz is a cop, Julia and Mason argue about Jake - Mason doesn't know she's pregnant yet, Ted thinks Hayley led Jake on and then knew it was him who was the rapist, skips ahead: Eden sets up a surprise wedding for CC and Sophia but they are fighting over Hayley and Ted, Gina preparing to interrupt their wedding, Kelly and Jeffrey - Jeffrey hanging out at the college in the sensory deprivation tank, he dreams he shoots Mason because he thinks Mason knew Pamela was sick and didn't help her and therefore contributed to her death, Kelly knows Jeffrey is Pamela's son but doesn't know why he's pissed at Mason, (charges must have been dropped against K&J...) Mason and Tori - Tori thinks they ought to tell the whole family about the baby, Hayley wants to go to a counselor but CC doesn't want her to because he's afraid of publicity, Eden and Ted arrange CC and Sophia to be at the surprise wedding, Keith tries to convince Gina not to try to screw up CC and Sophia's wedding, CC and Sophia agree to get married - Brick stops Gina from pulling the tent down but Gina's skunk escapes - Gina leaves and gets sprayed by the skunk :), Hayley and Ted fighting still, CC has two goons hijack Gina, Dr. Nikolas makes his debut at the wedding, CC and Sophia redo the ceremony and get married. next ep: CC sees Alex, Kelly thinks Jeffrey plans to hurt Mason, Jeffrey doesn't want her to tell Mason they're half-brothers, the Capwells go to the OE for the reception, Alex is at the party and has a flashback of Pamela and that he loved her, Kelly dances with Pearl to make Jeffrey jealous, Mason trying to figure out why Julia is being evasive, Kelly and Jeffrey get caught in the elevator and make out, Pearl and Julia miserable together :( , Julia catches the bouquet, Tori is jealous of her, Julia moves into her new house. skips to another ep: Dottie (the bag lady) is back in town and goes to see Hayley and Ted, Ted thinks she's lying and tries to scare her out of testifying, Dottie was getting drunk with Jake during the rape, (some scenes or an episode? missing) skips to: Mason at Julia's, there's a storm, the rapist was on the beach and attacked a woman but got interrupted. skips to: the rapist attacking Tori - she tells him she's pregnant but he throws her on the bed, she gets hysterical, meanwhile Mason is stuck at Julia's in the storm, Tori tells the rapist that she's not supposed to have sex (and therefore she and Mason haven't had sex), Cruz and Eden hear that Tori's being attacked and go to the apartment but she and the rapist are gone, Hayley gets pissed at Ted - goes to see Keith to retract her statement, Cruz found a match book that makes it look like Jake is the rapist, Tori escaped from the rapist and makes it to Julia's safely. skips to: Hayley on the beach with a therapist to try to cope, E&C - Cruz going to lamaze class with Julia, Cruz thinks Jake is innocent despite the mounting evidence, Gina thinks Brick is the rapist, Gina tells Hayley that Lily's father was actually someone who raped her when she was 13, Gina says her mother is dead [so someone please explain Phyllis to me???], Mason gets some hate mail threatening his life, Eden jokes about being pregnant, Keith gets a search warrant for Brick's house - meanwhile, Brick and Santana dancing together at his house, cops find boots at Brick's similar to the rapist's and they take Brick into custody, Cruz and Julia go to the lamaze class while Mason and Tori are off to the class too, Hayley feeling better but pushing Ted to get some counseling, Mason and Tori bump into C&E with Julia at the lamaze class. ep missing, skips to: Alex having a reception to unveil his latest research, Jeffrey working for Alex - hired him kind of anonymously, Mason gets another threatening letter, Kelly thinks the letters are coming from Jeffrey, Brick in jail - arrested for the rapes (some scenes cut), Sophia upset about Brick, Kelly pressures Jeffrey to tell Mason the truth - he won't do it so she tells him, Keith preparing for trial against Brick - Gina steals the boots, she wants Keith to take her to Alex's party, Hayley staying with Gina, Jeffrey's father was Michael Conrad who married Pamela, Jeffrey tells Mason Pamela is dead, Ted goes to see the counselor, Mason goes to see CC - tells him about Jeffrey and Pamela, Jeffrey says Pamela killed herself, CC doesn't want Jeffrey any where near Kelly and goes to tell Jeffrey to stay away from her, a guy with a gun is following Mason, Alex skulking about and being mysterious, Eden goes undercover as a hooker trying to find out who hit Brick - some hooker apparently hit him but it looks like he was hit by one of the rape victims, Mason gets drunk and laments about Pamela's death, Sophia gets bail money for Brick, Gina meets Alex, CC and Sophia going to the reception with Kelly, Alex announces he's got some wonder drug he's perfecting, the guy stalking Mason takes a shot at him at the restaurant but Jeffrey averts the shot, the guy was someone Mason put away while he was DA, Mason goes to thank Jeffrey and has Eden drive Tori home, Eden and Tori talk about Tori's baby - apparently the question had come up about the baby's father and Mason asserted he was the father, Eden tells Tori it'd be ok if the baby were Cruz's because she and Cruz are fine now but Tori insists the baby is Mason's, Alex seems to be flirting with Sophia, Gina throws herself at Alex, Kelly goes to see Jeffrey to apologize for thinking he was harassing Mason - they kiss but Mason knocks on the door, he tries to thank Jeffrey and make up for whatever Jeffrey's pissed about but Jeff won't give in and Kelly leaves, Alex realizes Gina is hitting on him and kisses her, Eden drives Tori home and parks the car - another car swerves and hits them. skips to next ep, beg scenes cut: Mason gets home and hears on his machine that Eden and Tori were in an accident, Cruz is at the hospital, Eden goes into surgery, Tori is concious but having stomach pains, Brick out on bail, Lionel/Julia/Jane/Sophia/CC - Brick pissed because CC thinks he's guilty, Brick decides he'd rather stay in jail because he thinks the guy will rape again and he'll have an alibi in jail, Mason and Cruz at hospital - doctor says, "we weren't able to save the baby", then they find out it was Eden who had a miscarriage and not Tori, Lionel and Caroline getting along, C&E - Cruz tells Eden she miscarried, the doctor tells Eden she might not be able to carry a baby to full term since now she's had two miscarriages. skips to: Mason and Julia talking about the baby, Ted and Lucy, Eden planning to go to Utah. skips to: Cruz having nightmares about Eden in the snow and tells her he doesn't want her to go to Utah alone, meanwhile - someone is watching them from the shadows...

Tape SB13-5 : (used master), 6 hrs (4 hrs of SB), quality: good/very good, mostly full eps w/commercials. April 87: Jane and the pillowcase rapist - Jane at Pearl's apt and the rapist was hiding in the closet, he attacks Jane and she sees that it's Ken, the bartender at Johnny's, she squirts lighter fluid in his face and runs out, Cruz waiting to hear about Eden's plane in Utah, Sophia gets the phone call that Eden's plane went down, Eden in the snow - Cain comes across her, K&J working together on some advertising campaign, Cain takes Eden back to his cabin, Jane runs into Johnny's and tells Cruz and Pearl the rapist is Ken, Kelly finds out from Jeffrey that Eden's plane went down, Kelly tells Cruz, Ken goes to Johnny's to steal money, Julia and Tori both pregnant, Cruz / Kelly / and CC go to Utah. Episode of DAYS. next ep of SB: Tori finds Mason and tells him about Eden, Cruz/Kelly/CC in Utah, Cain still taking Eden through the snow - make it back to the cabin, (some picture problems), Eden wakes up at Cain's but she's very weak, CC believes Eden is dead and tells Sophia and Cruz, Cruz doesn't believe it - takes a helicopter to the crash area and puts a rose in the snow. Episode of DAYS. skips ahead - May 25, 1987: Mason and Tori bring Chip home, Eden and Cain - Cain takes Eden outside to the water, Cruz goes to Utah and Kelly follows, (some picture problems - loss of picture then fuzzy for a while), Julia pregnant, Cain leaves Eden alone in the cabin, Kelly and Cruz retrace Eden's steps inUtah, Brick and Jane, Julia goes to see Mason and Chip, Tori jealous, Kelly and Cruz go up to the mountain and split up, (loss of picture), Eden and Cain go back to the water to swim, Mason agrees to move back in with Tori and Chip, Mason starts getting phone calls about Eden, Cruz finds the cabin. next ep, May 26, 1987: Cruz at the cabin, Cain finds him while Eden is still at the lake, Kelly and Jeffrey go to Jeffrey's apt and find it ransacked, Lionel and Caroline - Caroline is sick, Lionel and Caroline get married, CC trying to break up K&J, Cruz and Eden miss each other at the lake, Ted/Laken/ Hayley, Eden and Cruz fantasy in the lake, Cruz finds part of the plane, Cruz builds a rock monument to Eden

Tape SB14 : (1st generation/master), 6 hrs (~4 hrs of SB), quality: good/very good. This is a tape that I (in my infinite wisdom) about five years ago took clips from some of my SB tapes that either only had a little SB on them or had some SB that I didn't think I'd want later.... so, at the beginning of the tape there are a bunch of clips/edits that are 1st generation from my old masters that I decided I didn't want (stupid, stupid, stupid) and then the last ep on the tape was always on this tape... *sigh* anyway... brief clip, Mar 87: clip of Eden and Cruz at the beach house where Cruz gets his badge back. episode of Facts of Life: Seven Little Indians, silly murder-mystery episode. clip, 87: Eden in the wheelchair while Cruz is in jail. episode of Charlie's Angels - "Of Ghosts and Angels" - no commercials, fair quality (this episode has Robin Mattson and Paul Burke (who played a CC) in it. 1986 - Evening Magazine, behind the scenes at Santa Barbara, includes small interviews with A and Marcy, Jed Allan and Judith McConnell, Lane and Robin Mattson. misc - Eden and Cruz flashbacks. Christmas, 1986: part of Gina's It's a Wonderful Life dream, Cruz and Eden fantasy. clips from 1986, New Year's Eve - more flashbacks. April, 1989: Cruz and Eden in Paris with Adriana. more 1989: previews of Mason and Julia's wedding, Mason and Julia in elevator. 1987: Cain remembering Eden in the mountains, Eden in wheelchair, Elena, Julia and Tori drunk - really funny, talking about what will happen when Mason comes back, Kelly and Jeffrey, Eden and Cruz make love in the hospital room Eden had decorated. 1988: previews of E&C's wedding. 1988 - clips: Mason and Julia - Mason on the run wanted for mark's murder, Keith and Gina, party to find Mark's murderer, Gina on her way to Wheel of Fortune, Kelly and TJ - Kelly loses the baby, Gina on Wheel of Fortune, Cruz playing with Chip, Kelly thinks Mason is dead, Gina giving gossip with dream sequences, pre-wedding stuff for Gina and Keith's wedding, Eden and Cruz moving into a new house, Gina and Keith wedding dream - really funny :), Gina and Keith wedding and honeymoon. stuff from the 1987 MTV Music Awards. Feb 1987, almost complete episode (missing first 10-15 mins), Feb 25, 1987: Kelly and Jeffrey on the run, Mason and Tori set up a fake wedding so that the family can see Kelly, Julia finds out that the wedding is fake but that Mason and Tori really are getting married

Tape SB14-1 : (used master), 6hrs (3 hrs of SB), quality: very good, however, the episodes are out of order, so the # in front of the episode shows the sequence they go in. 1987 Emmy Awards: Marcy and Bill Warlock present awards, Robin Mattson, Justin Deas, Richard Eden, Robin Wright all nominated, John Wesley Shipp wins for his guest appearance as Martin, A nominated - clip of Cruz grieving in the mountians, Marcy nominated - clip of C&E after the broke up but Kim Zimmer wins (grrr...), SB nominated for best soap but loses to ATWT. June 1987, ep #3: K&J looking for Mason, Mason called Tori while being held, the Indian following K&J - he rigs Kelly's hair dryer to short out, Brick looking for Johnny who was kidnapped, Paul Marshall involved in kidnapping ring, Cruz and Elena investigating Johnny's disappearance, Eden in the cabin, Paul trying to kidnap Chip. episode of Another World - poor picture quality. June 1987, ep #1: Gina living with Alex, Kelly went to England to resarch Jeffrey's past, Mason getting phone calls that Eden is still alive, Julia pregnant, Alex working on his serum, Julia goes into labor, CC believes Jeffrey killed his first wife, CC finds out that Julia's baby is Mason's, Paul Marshall in town, Mason goes to the hospital to be at Julia's side for the delivery, Julia gives birth to Samantha, Kelly got Elizabeth's diary while in Scotland, K&J fighting. episode of Another World - fuzzy picture. June 1987, ep #2: Laken and Ted, K&J reading Elizabeth's diary, Mason going to meet the Indian, Lionel and Caroline, Johnny still missing, Julia in the hospital with Samantha, Mason leaves, Kelly finds out that Elizabeth was mad

Tape SB18 : (master), 6hrs (5hrs of SB), quality: very good. 1hr of misc stuff at the beginning (cause I fucked up and accidentally taped over an ep...) then 4 or 5 complete episodes, w/ commercials. [What I've been doing lately is leaving out the first hour of non-SB and adding in the beginning of ep #1 and 11/25/87 which is missing from this tape from a 1st gen source.] ep of Designing Women, end of an ep of DAYS; ep #1, 11/23/87: beginning of this ep is cut - starts right before theme in the middle of K&J's vows, K&J's wedding, Cruz in custody at the wedding (in jail for Elena's death), Cruz escapes, hunt for Cruz begins, Scott and Gina stuck at some cabin. ep#2, 11/24/87: Cruz on horseback trying to get to the grotto, Pearl goes out to try to mislead the police, Keith leaves with M&J to chase Cruz, Eden and Cain at the Capwell house with the family, Keith kicks M&J out into the canyon, M&J spend the night in the canyon and make love (NOTE: missing 11/25/87 - the morning after w/ M&J and Cruz being pursued by the bounty hunter, and 11/26/87 was a pre-empt for Thanksgiving) ep #3, 11/27/87; ep #4, 11/30/87; and ep #5, 12/1/87: Eden reveals that she can walk and leaves the house to go to the grotto, Keith returns to the house - funny scene with Sophia, Alex and Pamela wandering around, Cruz makes it to the grotto, Eden arrives at the grotto, C&E together at the grotto, Eden returns to the house, K&J go on their honeymoon. NOTE: Also converted to a 2-dvd set with extra episodes: 11/19/87-12/1/87.

Tape SB19 - (master), 6hrs (3hrs of SB), quality: very good. episode of Macgyver - "Blow Out" - taped from ABC; SB Xmas 1987, complete ep - Tori and Mel in rehab, M&J with Kris Kringle, Pamela, C&E in Hawaii, Keith gives Gina the 12 days of Xmas; movie - Yogi's First Christmas - taped from syndication, 2 hrs w/ lots of commercials; SB - more Xmas 87, complete ep - Kris Kringle in jail, M&J get stuck in Kris' cabin; skips to April 88 - clips from before C&E's wedding, after flashbacks on tape 20 but before wedding tape 21

Tape SB20 - (master), 6hrs, quality: very good. Xmas 87 (with Tape 19), about 3 complete eps - Kris Kringle, C&E in Hawaii, M&J, Tori in rehab clinic, Gina is blind - starting to regain her sight - dating Scott, Cruz after he gets thing implanted in his neck, Marj Dusay as Pamela, New Year's Eve 87 - Pearl and Carmen, Cain and Andrea; skips ahead to early 88, Cruz's bachelor party - Eden and Julia crash the party, Mason drunk, Cain is trying to get Cruz drunk to get him to admit to killing Andrea's father; next ep - Eden's bridal shower; next ep - clips only: C&E head up to Pebble Creek to visit it - 4 sets of C&E flashbacks, some K&J clips - Kelly is pregnant, some Tori clips - Mel died from coke overdose

Tape SB21 - (master), 6hrs, quality: very good. 6 complete episodes of C&E wedding week, Mar 25-April 1, 1988, including Cruz's dream that Eden dies, everyone leaves SB and heads up to Pebble Creek (except for Pearl who got screwed out of being best man by conveniently getting the flu...), Eden seeing the ghosts, the Captain and Amelia, wedding prep, wedding and reception. Note: Also converted to a 3-dvd set.

Tape SB22 - (master) 6hrs (~4.5 to 5 hrs of SB), quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials. This tape isn't labeled too well as to what's on it :p... epsiode of MacGyver: Mask of The Wolf; SB - April 4, 7-12, 13 partial, 1988: Eden and Cruz's honeymoon - they go back in time to Pebble Beach when CC and Sophia were there, Pamela and CC, Sophia and TJ, Jake, Pearl, Adrea and Cain - go to see Cain's family, Gina bald after being brainwashed by a cult, Chip is kidnapped

Tape SB24 - (master) 6hrs, quality: excellent. complete episodes with commercials, April 14, 1988: Wanda has Chip in a motel room, Mason tries to talk to Wanda to get her to give up Chip, Gina dives for the bones but loses consciousness, Wanda sets a fire and then flees to the pier; April 15, 1988: Cruz follows Wanda to the pier, Gina comes to, Cain and Andrea head to LA for Cain's army reunion, Wanda surrenders Chip and he goes home, CC wants to demo the boathouse for the new country club but Cruz asks him to wait because of the Hal Clark investigation, Eden away with the mumps, the Major shows up at Cain's reunion, Mason goes to see CC about the Hal investigation; April 18, 1988 (Mon): Cain upset that the Major showed up the reunion, Pearl brings Cruz groceries because Eden is supposed to be coming home tomorrow, Mason upset with Julia and Cruz for working on the Hal case but they are just trying to find out what happened before Keith does, the boathouse explodes, CC tells Cruz the explosion was an accident; April 19, 1988: Eden home, Cruz investigating the explosion, the major visits Cain and Andrea - Phillip is working on bringing Amerasian kids to the US (kids the soldiers had in Vietnam), Mason asks Julia to leave the DA's office, Keith about to dive for the bones when Cruz and Pearl show up - Cruz dives; April 20, 1988: Cruz dives - comes up with some bones - they take the bones to Pearl's apartment for safekeeping but Keith and Gina break in and steal them, Kelly decides to go to work for Sophia, Sophia and TJ, Ted visits with C&E; April 21, 1988: Cruz tells Eden about the bones, Cruz and Pearl discover the bones are missing, CC tells Pamela it's time they told the truth about what happened to Hal; April 22, 1988 part 1: (this ep has some cm cut) C&E fight over CC's involvement in Hal's death, Gina and Keith invite CC and Pamela over for dinner, Keith does a Julia Child impression, Mason and Julia meet with a guy who was in a car accident with Hal on the night of Hal's disappearance (tape ends - rest of ep is on Tape 25)

Tape SB25 - (master) 6hrs (5 hrs of SB), quality: excellent. complete episodes with commercials. episode of MacGyer: Rock the Cradle (4/18/88); SB - April 22, 1988, part 2: CC and Pamela have dinner with Gina and Keith, Mason and Julia find out Hal had a kid named Boomer with him the night of his disappearance, CC kicks Pamela out of the house; April 25, 1988 (Mon): CC dreams about Keith arresting him for murder, M&J tell Cruz about Boomer, CC visits with Ted, Cruz and Julia find out Scott is Boomer but he says he doesn't remember anything about that night, Keith goes to see Pamela - she wants immunity and half of everything Keith extorts from CC in exchange for her statement - she tells Keith CC killed Hal in cold blood, Keith goes to CC's, Gina dreams about being married to Keith with them as Scarlett and Rhett with lots of money; April 26, 1988: Mason goes to see Pamela, Keith tells CC Pamela signed a statement saying he murdered Hal - CC says it was an accident, Keith tells CC he wants $4million to keep quiet, C&E ask Scott to visit the boathouse to see if he remembers anything - he finally agrees and remembers a little, CC goes to Mason for help; April 27, 1988: CC tells Mason that Hal died in an accident after a struggle but Mason won't help him, Cain brings K&J info on TJ and his past with rich women, CC tells Cruz what happened - he followed Pamela to the boathouse, struggled with Hal and Hal hit his head and died, Mason gets drunk, Scott has Heather hypnotize him - he remembers the car accident and being in the boathouse; April 28, 1988: Cruz has Cain follow Pamela, Kelly's first day at Armonti, Keith tells Pamela he needs Hal's skull to confirm her story, Cain watches Pamela dig up Hal's skull; April 29, 1988: Mason having nightmares about being a judge and having to choose between CC and Pamela, Pamela takes the skull back to her house, CC tells Eden the truth, Scott goes to Cruz, Cain breaks into Pamela's and steals the skull which has a small hole in it, Scott gets hypnotized again at the boathouse - confirms CC's story but then also remembers that Pamela came back in, Hal was still alive and they struggled for a gun but Pamela shot Hal; last 5 min on tape, clips only: Eden and Cruz have a siesta, Chip in the hospital - needs a bone marrow transplant, Tori tells Cruz Chip is his son

Tape SB28 - (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials, summer 1988, 6/28/88: Julia goes undercover as a nun to find out what happened to Mason (after Mason was supposed dead in the fire at the church where he was hiding after being accused of Mark McCormack's murder), Kelly (Kimberly McArthur) in the hospital in a coma after someone tried to kill her, Keith and Gina, Pamela, Sister Sarah and Michael, Heather; 1988 Emmy Awards - 6/29/88, aired on CBS, complete with commercials - Justin Deas wins best supporting actor and SB wins best soap! (Bridget Dobson accepts the award and gives her speech about being locked out of the studio); back to SB, 7/4/88, 7/6/88 partial, 7/15/88 - Gina and Keith after getting money from Pamela, Kelly in the hospital, TJ in jail, Tori, CC and Sophia, Phillip, Cain, Julia at church, Pamela tries to kill Kelly, Gina and Keith about to marry, Kelly and TJ, Michael tells Julia Sarah killed Mark and that Michael covered it up, Eden and Cruz move into their new house

Tape SB30 - (master) 6hrs (~3 hrs of SB), quality: very good/excellent. partial/complete episodes with commercials. movie: The Lost Boys; SB - late Sep 1988, 9/19/88: last 10 mins - episode after Eden's rape, after Eden was examined, about to leave clinic; episode of MacGyver - Secret of the Parker House; back to SB - Dec 14-16, clips/partial eps: Gina and Bunny, Eden and Cruz looking for the rapist (after Cain left town), Jack (the homeless guy) is suspected of the rape, Mason/Sonny and Celeste, Bunny and Gina break into Sonny's office, Eden and Cruz try to lure the rapist to the hospital, CC and Sophia throw Eden a surprise baby shower

***Tape SB30-1 - (used master) 6 hrs, quality: very good, occasionally a tracking line at top or bottom of screen, generally full eps with commercials, but some commercials edited out. Covers dates 9/13/88 - 9/23/88, and 9/27/88. Includes full episode of the rape and one ep missing from tape 30-2.

***Tape SB30-1.2 - (used master) 6 hrs, quality: very good, occasionally a tracking line at top or bottom of screen, generally full eps with commercials, but some commercials edited out. Covers dates 9/28/88 - 10/7/88.

***Tape SB30-1.3 - (used master) 6 hrs, quality: very good, occasionally a tracking line at top or bottom of screen, generally full eps with commercials, but some commercials edited out. Covers dates 10/10/88 - 10/13/88, 10/14/88 inc, 10/17/88 inc. Includes really funny stuff with CC and Sonny drunk in the Capwell wine vault and Keith's last day. Note: Episodes from 10/11/88-10/13/88 converted to 1 dvd. Other episodes converted to 2 dvds.

Tape SB30-2 - (2nd generation) 8hrs, quality: very good, however the sound is really low. partial/complete episodes without commercials. late Sep 1988 - 9/13, 9/14, 9/15 partial (rape), 9/16, 9/19-26 (these eps are in 30-min format due to Olympics this week), 10/17/88, 10/28/88, 10/31/88: partial episode of Eden's rape (about last 15 min of ep) - starts after Eden is attacked (whole rape episode is on Tape 13-2), the rapist carries Eden outside to the water and makes her swallow a pill, Cruz is out of the house pursuing a guy named Critter who had been threatening Eden at her job at the TV station, Cruz goes back to the house and finds Eden - she tells him she was raped, Eden goes to the clinic - her exam, Eden goes back to the Capwell house, Critter is arrested and Cruz believes he is the one that raped Eden - he goes to the station and pulls a gun on Critter, Mason/Sonny - Sonny doesn't know he's Mason, Gina has convinced him that he isn't Mason but needs to pretend to be Mason so that they can get Capwell money, Scott/Heather - Scott's father died and Scott blames Heather's father even though Scott's dad had cancer, Eden goes on talk show to discuss a soap opera called General Clinic that portrayed a rape victim who fell in love with her rapist, Cain and Andrea break up - Cain has been drinking, Cain went to Eden's house the night of the rape to see E&C - saw the mess and left and then was beaten up by Phillip's goons, Eden pregnant - rapist terrorizing them, Wendy is raped, Eden confronts the rapist, Halloween party to catch the rapist - Cain is drunk and Andrea is murdered, Phillip is found over Andrea with the knife - he and Cain are both suspects, Sonny figures out he's really Mason

Tape SB32 - (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials, but some edits. Xmas 1988 - Dec 20, Dec 21 inc, Dec 22, Dec 23, Dec 26, Dec 27, 1988: Jack (homeless guy) in jail for Eden's rape, Brandon in hospital - has dream of manger/Mary & Joseph, Mason is Sonny, Eden pregnant, Scott goes home, Zack and Diane, Kris Kringle - Eden and Cruz deliver presents, end of tape jumps around with scenes on Tape 33, Jan 1989 - Jan - misc clips, Jan 25 inc, Jan 26, 1989: Eden in the hospital, Cruz/Michael/Celeste set up Zack, skips ahead to Feb 89 - just a quick clip, Sonny and Gina pre-wedding (wedding on Tape 5 and 34)

Tape SB33 - (master) 6hrs (~4.5 to 5 hrs of SB), quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials, but some edits. New Year's Eve 1988/Jan 1989 - Dec 29 clips/partial, Dec 30 , 1989; Jan 3, 1989: Celeste with Michael, Kelly (Kimberly McArthur) and Jeffrey (out of wheelchair), party on train - "My Favorite Year", Ted and Wanda, TJ falls off the train (TJ was trying to convince Jeffrey to kill Kelly), Eden goes into labor on train and they helicopter her out but helicopter crash lands, Eden gives birth to Adriana in a cave, Zack is psychotic - rapes Diane, CC & Sophia, episode end them has screen shots of various SB couples, Eden in hospital back in SB after giving birth, Ted filming in hospital - clip only; episode of MacGyver - The Survivors; music video; back to SB - Jan 26 inc, Jan 27 inc, Jan 30, 1989- After Adriana has been kidnapped, Julia and Augusta, Zack is held by Cruz, Cruz fights with Zack; 3 music videos; back to SB - 2/8/89 almost complete - Adriana's memorial service, Gina dreams of being on a talk show hosted by Bunny; more music videos

Tape SB34 - (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent. complete episodes with commercials. (NOTE: episodes are out of sequence - the two at the beginning of the tape come chronologically after the four on the last 2/3 of the tape) Feb 27, 28, 1989: Katerne knifed, Sandra sulking around, Mason in the hospital - awake (after Sonny is shot), Gina kidnaps Mason after Sonny dies, Scott/Heather/Celeste triangle, Sandra in search of Adriana, Wanda/Ted/Augusta/TJ, Gina tries to get Sonny back, Lisa (Tawny Kitaen) and Emily come to town, preparations for party at the Lair after CC settles a lawsuit with the oil rig workers, CC makes a speech (this stuff continues on Tape 5); skips to 4 epsiodes which follow the beginning of Tape 5 - Feb 20, 21, 22, 23 (end cut), 1989: end of Sonny and Gina's wedding, Sonny shot, Mason in the hospital, Gina and Julia fighting, Scott/Celeste/Heather (blah, blah, blah), Mason dreams he goes to heaven and meets Mary there - also finds a book of dead people and discovers Adriana is not in it, Michael finds out why Julia went through with the blackmail from Sonny and Gina (i.e. because they threatened to expose Julia and Michael's affair and ruin Michael), Michael prepares to leave the church, Cruz and Sandra looking for Adriana and Katerene (while Eden is gone/in Paris), Brandon runs away, Mason wakes up - Sonny is dead (this stuff continues to the beginning of this tape)

Tape SB35 - (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials. Follows Tape 5, Mar 30, 1989 part 2, 3/31/89: Eden and Cruz in SB, Sandra sees them and tries to kill herself, Mason and Julia after Julia's father died, Scott and Heather break up, Julia and Michael make up - friends, Bunny/Vanessa/Gina, Eden and Cruz's anniversary celebration, Eden and Cruz try to convince Sondra to stay in town, Ted/Wanda/Kelly/Megan/TJ, Lisa working as Mason's secretary, Wanda brings Paris to C&E, Lisa/Mason alcoholic stuff, C&E find out Kirk is behind the kidnapping of Adriana and has escaped from prison; 3 music videos; back to SB, skips to 4/17/89, 4/24/89, 4/25/89 partial, 4/27/89- Mason goes to an AA meeting, Heather finds out she's pregnant and plans to have an abortion, Scott finds out Heather is pregnant, E&C - Sandra staying with them, Heather doesn't have the abortion but Scott thinks she did, Megan and CC, Sandra tries to kill herself again, Bunny and Vanessa about to be married, Eden starts to have dreams and visions, Mason and Julia - Lisa and alcoholic stuff, Ted and Wanda, Mason goes on a drinking binge, Eden believes Adriana is alive in Paris, Mason and Julia's engagement party, Laura/Ethan/Michael

***Tape SB36 - (master) 6hrs (5 hrs of SB), quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials. Follows Tape 2: Moonlighting - Lunar Eclipse (series finale); SB - 3/15/89: CC in the hospital after the heart attack, Scott learns Heather didn't have the abortion, E&C spend the evening together and dance at the Eiffel Tower, CC awake, Megan & Sophia argue at the hospital; 5/16/89, missing beginning, only 45min: Kelly follows Ric & sees him picking up some diamonds, Michael teaches Missy to read, Cruz searches Ric's but Ric comes home early; 5/18/89: CC comes home from the hospital, Hollis catches Ric kissing Kelly, Cruz finds the doctor that removed Adriana's birthmark; 5/25/89, one blackout spot: C&E have Adriana baptized in Paris, the Capwells have a ceremony for Adriana in SB; 5/29/89, only 10 mins: Michael learns Leo Mitchell is coming to SB to find him, C&E home with the kids; 5/30/89: Michael tells Laura about Leo coming to town, Scott tells Celeste his mother was a prostitute and Celeste tells Lisa that she was a hooker, M&J plan the wedding

***Tape SB37 - (master) 6hrs, quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete/partial episodes with commercials. Follows Tape 36: 5/31/89, missing beginning, about 35mins: Sandra has visions about coming danger, party at C&E's for M&J's wedding, Ric arrives in SB, Kelly is upset CC is going with Megan to the wedding; 6/1/89: Ric meets a fence named Johnny Navarro, M&J prepare for their wedding day, Mason thinks of he and Julia when they're old, Ric & Sandra meet and end up in bed and Cruz finds them together; 6/2/89, some pre-emption due to Tienanman Square news: Special opening theme, Michael tries to protect Laura from Leo & they kiss, Mason & Julia's wedding; 6/5/89, beginning missing: M&J's reception, C&E plan to go to Acapulco, Megan catches the bouquet, Emily & Greg argue, Carmen tells Eden where Rafael may be, M&J parachute for their honeymoon; 6/6/89, about 45 mins: Navarro gets arrested & Ric is questioned, Carmen & Eden talk about Rafael, Michael tells Cruz and Laura he's leaving town, M&J honeymoon on an island but Julia gets sick; 6/8/89, beginning cut, end missing, about 40 min: E&C arrive in Acapulco, an agent is interested in Gina's singing, Leo is looking for Michael and Laura tries to warn him, Cruz's cousin babysits, Eden sees Rafael disguised as a magician ; 6/9/89, about 20 mins: Kelly tells Mason somebody wants to take over Capwell Enterprises and Mason plans to go to Tokyo, Eden tells Cruz they're going to see his father; 6/16/89: CC realizes Greg really is his son, Eden and Ric look for Cruz and Rafael but get stuck at Mephisto's, Mason calls from Tokyo with bad news about the takeover, Robert and Renfield arrive in SB

***Tape SB38 - (master) 6hrs, (3hrs of SB, plus Emmys), quality: very good/excellent. mostly complete episodes with commercials. Follows Tape 37. First hr on the tape is non-SB: Richard Dean Anderson, Paul Rodriguez on the Arsenio Hall show, music videos from MTV; 6/22/89: Eden & Ric get the upper hand on Mephisto & find Cruz in the dungeons, M&J & Scott & Heather meet with a judge, Laura tells Michael she's still in love with him; 6/28/89: Eden & Mason go to see Robert who is with Gina, Ric kisses Kelly trying to steal some papers from her, Eden visits CC to see what he knows about Robert, Laura and Michael kiss; 6/29/89: 1988 Daytime Emmys - SB wins big!; 7/4/89: Ted thinks Megan is the spy, CC confronts Robert about the takeover, Julia represents Michael in jail for Leo's murder, Kelly hires Ric to find out info on Robert, 4th of July fireworks

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